Experiencing Harry Potter World with Kano Coding Kit

“Oh, so you want to be a wizard? Let me teach you some coding first,” says Kano.

Experiencing Harry Potter World with Kano Coding Kit
Exploring Harry’s World with Codes

A children’s coding kit is all set to materialize the magical world of Harry Potter. Kano’s new computer coding kit will meet the world of Harry Potter. The kit engaged kids in wand building tasks, which sequentially teaches the kids about computer programming via “wand’s magic.”

As children see how the actions of the wand are reflected on the screen, they can learn the coding behind cause and effect by combining the wand with a computer via Bluetooth or with a tablet.

Alex Klein, co-founder, and CEO of Kano says, “Today, there is a form of magic in the world and it’s the technological projection—virtual reality, prediction, augmented reality—that so few of us understand. That’s what makes it magic in a way, is that nobody understands it really except this small fraction of society.”

The Harry Potter kit is inclusive of all necessary parts of the wand: a button, a battery a customizable LED, as well as magnetometer, gyrometer, and an accelerometer. A trouble-free brochure with easy-to-follow instructions is provided with the kit, pointing out what each part does along the way for assembling the wand. Assembling the wand takes merely five minutes—then it’s on to coding spells.

Klein says, “Our approach with the wand and the motion sensor kit has been to embed real-world actions with your hand, with your arm, with your eyes, with your finger, into a context where you can actually shape the magical effect for yourself”.

The spells entail “blocks” of code which require to be combined and edited to complete challenges and animations. Taking you throughout an interactive Hogwarts, the kit will launch with 70 Harry Potter-themed tasks. Kano plans to release more updates by and by.

The kit isn’t just limited to the challenges, it’s true creative potential lies in its sandbox mode. The players can edit and combine the blocks in the sandbox mode of the game to create different visual programmes as per the player’s liking. The “spells” or code can be personalized via numbers the player assigns to a series of various code blocks activated by the wand gestures.

It’s not much difficult to imagine teenagers having a blast creating simple and complex gestures to summon various effects. According to the programmers, “Kano’s method successfully runs the fundamentals of scripting—in this case, JavaScript—in a fun, interactive way.”

Additionally, anyone pre-ordering the Harry Potter kit will receive Kano’s separate product that studies the hand gestures of the player to trigger code in a similar manner as of wand. The motion sensor kit will be of $30.

The company also has an online platform called Kano World with a quarter of a million registered users. On this platform, players can share their creations and upvote and download other people’s work to alter.

Klein says, “The idea of this as it pertained to Harry Potter was really powerful because then people could make their own interactions with the wand and make their own on-screen effects—spell-like effects—and then someone else could change it.”

Klein pointed to the company’s upcoming camera kit which will overlay codable visuals on photos and video after being interrogated about its plans to add augmented reality, projecting unreal 3D images in the real world surroundings.

Klein says, “There is a potential that in the future the wand and other elements of the Kano system that provide input methods can be used to output visual and potentially spatial experiences and I think that would be something to explore.”


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