Fortnite’s Cryptic Purple Cube – PC Gamer’s Editors Take Some Scatter-brained Guesses

Not unless you’ve been living under a cube, you’d be unaware of the massive purple cube that appeared in Fortnite last week. Summoned from a quickly closing time portal with a lightning storm, the cube, its destination, and contents remain to be secretive as it lazily flips about the map. It’s not every day that a massive cube plops down in the most popular game out there.

Fortnites Cryptic Purple Cube
Fortnite Box and The Random Guess People Made

For the time being, all we can deduce is that it’s a segment of the build towards Fortnite Season 6, possibly the catalyst for introducing some new item and some major map modifications.

Let’s look at some empty-headed guesses made by a bunch of editors.

  1. A cowboy

As the cube is found to be always marching forward representing manifesting destiny. And when this box breaks open, you can anticipate the arrival of one and only one thing: a cowboy.

  1. Meat

Now we all are convinced that this is an elaborate anamnesis to the 2008 Unreal engine tech demo that featured a ridiculous cube of wonky meat. As the Fortnite cube nears its destination, the purple exterior will peel away, revealing the interior full of glimmering dross. As Tim Sweeney laughs dementedly into the void, the reward will make a vast host of Twitch streamers throw-up all over their mic setups.

  1. Developer dreams

The other possibility is that the box will spring open just to reveal another box. To be precise, the new box will be the sequel to 22Cans’ zeitgeist -groping cube game. We will collectively feast our eyes on the illustriousness that is Curiosity 2: Curiouser and Curioser and know that finally, with complete conviction, Peter Molyneux was right from the beginning.

It will occur that Fortnite’s initial catastrophic launch was a mere masterstroke by Molyneux to throw his scumbag doubters off the scent. Ultimately, we are aware of his glory. Finally, we all will recognize the true genius and bow before the new gaming God.

  1. A mistake

One more thing that could be in the box is this mortifying panel from BlizzCon 2017, where a group of jurors had to guess the content of a giant Overwatch loot box, with the exception being that the loot box was supposed to be a stage, instead, it got stuck in customs. As a result, they had to hypothesize the contents of a less-impressive normal-sized loot box. This ordeal went on for almost 40 minutes.

  1. Snake?

Did we hear it right? A Snake? Similar to the questions like “Whose footprints are these?” and “What was that noise?”, the answer to the question “What’s in the box?” is always Snake. What a crossover that’d be.