Get Your Pikachu Ready as Pokémon Go announces to Launch PvP Mode!

Train your Pokémons well and hard since Niantic is planning to roll out a major update during this holiday season. That update is “Player vs Player” feature! So, this holiday season its gotta catch ’em all!

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Pokémon Go PvP: A Long-Dreamed Feature to Roll Out This Year!

We cannot doubt the popularity of Pokémon Go, but it has always been missing one vital feature, the feature that was so staple to the show, the player vs player (PvP) feature. But with the announcement of this new feature, the players can pit their Pokémons directly against another trainer’s Pokémons.

After a record-shattering welcome and then facing a prolonged slump because the players recognized the shallowness of the game and thus abandoned it, by and large, the game is going to have something like a renaissance. Enhanced social mechanics, a host of new ‘mon, and of course better reliability has won the players back, and now it seems there is no ending in rolling out of new features.

It was only two months ago that trading feature was added in the game and to further invigorate the app, Niantic, developer of Pokémon Go decided to add PvP.

After its launch in 2016, the game proved to be a huge success. People trying to “catch” Pokémons on their mobile phones were easily spotted amongst the crowd. The app proved to be nostalgic for some and for others it was an introduction to a 20-year-old franchise.

The app even kindled a sort of kindness movement. Makeshift rest stops were created with water and snacks near Pokestations. Stories about people making new friends, getting off the couch and getting out of the comfort zone began circulating. To encourage the users to help and interact with the needy ones, Pokestops were set up near children’s hospitals and animal shelters.

Discussing its upcoming updates, a Nintendo Switch version will be released in the month of November named “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!”.

It seems that Niantic has lot more in its kitty for the users. People are waiting eagerly for the release of the AR mobile app, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”, which was speculated to be released over the summer, but Anne Beuttenmüller has something else to reveal. She said, “We plan to release the game at the end of this year.”

Although overshadowed by Pokémon Go, Niantic’s first AR mobile app— Ingress is scheduled for a change. The decision to update Ingress might aid in reducing the fears of Pokémon Go fanatics that any forthcoming update may nosedive.

We can presume the trading feature and PvP feature to operate similarly as what precisely will the PvP mode consist is still unclear.

Users need to be nearby and there might possibly a reward will be involved. However, there will be some limitations to stop people from gaming the system via candy cost or a Stardust. Some users have expressed their concern about uninteresting Pokémon dueling, similar to the apathetic gym battles.

Niantic’s marketing head Anne Beuttenmüller was more inclined towards discussing the forthcoming Ingress Prime and chose to remain quiet over the topic of Pokémon Go.

Guess, it’s going to be a busy holiday season this year!

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