The Arise of “Momo Challenge”

After the “Blue Whale Challenge” a new WhatsApp challenge has taken the internet by storm. The terror of an incredibly dreadful doll-like creature used in debatable “suicide games” spreads terror online as social media users give the figure diadem of “Slenderman of 2018.”

The Arise of _Momo Challenge_
Finding and “Avoiding” Momo

An awfully hair-raising character labeled as the “Slenderman of 2018” is spreading horror across the internet after being used as the face of a disturbing online suicide game.

The challenge that has gone viral under the name of “momo challenge” encourages children to add a contact on WhatsApp who will then pester them with grotesque images and “dares”- asking the child to commit suicide. Momo is the name of the doll-like creature and the challenge that she features in.

The challenge first stemmed from a picture of an extremely petrifying female statuette being circulated on the internet. The nerve-chilling woman possesses enlarged features including a wide grimace and bulging eyes. The grotesque woman was taken from the creation of Japanese doll artist Midori Hayashi.

Hayashi is renowned for creating dolls related to fear. He recently displayed his artwork in an art gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

To further enhance the creepy features of the dolls, the artist utilizes animal remains to create the frames of his dolls. He particularly focuses on fashioning realistic eyes in each of his dolls, which is an easily distinguishable feature of the “Momo” doll, which has enlarged black pupils, and bulging huge eyes.

As if only this was not enough, the doll also possesses thin, large mouth that arcs upwards along her thin face, fixed in a permanent and awfully eerie grimace. Despite creating the doll, Midori is not associated by any means with the viral challenge that has Momo’s face.

The challenge has reportedly attracted several young people in France, United States, Germany, Argentina, and France. The game is also supposed to be linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl from Escobar, Argentina.

The Buenos Aries Times stated that the police were inspecting the link between the “Momo challenge” and the girl, including the reports that claimed that she uploaded videos of herself completing a series of challenges alleged to be featured in the “suicide game” prior to committing suicide.

The officials in other countries are concerned about the possible damages of this fresh challenge as it has gone viral on social media platforms like WhatsApp.

The official account of Spain’s Guardia recently updated about the hot challenge and cautioned its followers to stay away from any accounts that resembled Momo challenge’s accounts.

“Don’t add Momo!” The group appealed to its teenage followers.

Not only those playing the game have come face to face with the terrifying Momo character but also the images of the terrifying creature with creepy stories about her have been uploaded across various internet forums.

Players who had taken part in the challenge reported of receiving the odd phone calls and were also bombarded with threatening messages that the grotesque woman will appear if they do not follow its instructions.

This comes after the infamous “Blue whale Challenge” that went viral earlier this year, claiming lives of several children worldwide. The challenge had various mentally disturbing tasks like carving a whale with a razor on the forearm and listening to creepy music as early as 4 a.m. in the morning.

The challenge ended with asking the children to jump off a building. If the tasks were not completed, it threatened the children to murder their family.

To stop children from falling prey to such challenges, parents need to communicate with their kids.