Apple iOS 12 – More Power to You

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 12, enhances multiple performance and stability-oriented features and in the process gives more power to its user.

Apple iOS 12 More Power to You
Apple releases its new operating system – iOS 12

In August 2018, Apple became the first publicly traded U.S. company to be evaluated at $1 trillion. The tech giant’s unprecedented rise to the top is a testament to its unparalleled focus on innovation and software development. Owing true to its core values, Apple has now released the latest version of its mobile operating system, the iOS 12, on 17th September, 2018. The iOS 12 improves on a plethora of features while delivering more functionalities to its user.

Apple announced the release of iOS 12 at the iPhone XS launch event, which also saw the launch of iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The new iOS 12 primarily focusses on performance and stability, while still providing a stew of great features. The rollout of iOS11 in 2017 witnessed a large consumption of battery power and inherent bugs. Several tweaks to the iOS 12 have not only rendered it faster and smoother than its predecessors but also has reduced the number of bugs. Even when the battery dies out on an iPhone, the new OS stores backup power to ensure digital transit cards work on them. It also adds “No Cell Coverage’ to Battery Usage – so a user can be alerted of apps that consume a large amount of power while searching for cell coverage in a no-signal-zone.

A persistent complaint among iPhone users has been the lack of Siri compatibility on third-party apps. In 2016, the release of SiriKit in iOS 10 allowed AI integration on only third-party transportation apps. With iOS 12, the addition of “Shortcuts” allows numerous apps to be Siri compatible. In a general sense, Shortcuts lets a user automate certain tasks using Siri commands. However, it has also received criticism for being complicated for most people. Nonetheless, Shortcuts app can be used to involve Siri in carrying out intra-app tasks – like starting a new voice memo or creating GIF’s out of selected photos.

The most standout feature of iOS 12, however, remains its Screen Time feature. It was developed in order to inform users on the amount of time they spend on each individual app. Screen Time also allows a user to set time limits in each app. If you want to restrict yourself to only use Facebook for an hour – you can set it up using the app. It also features a dashboard that feeds you stats on the usage of your phone, so it’s advisable to study those stats before setting up a limit.

In addition to such major improvements, some minute changes are also present in the iOS 12. Now, notifications could be grouped by apps, preventing a long list of them when you swipe down after not using it for a long time. FaceID, the Augmented Reality (AR) enabled software that used facial features to unlock a phone, can now be set for more than one person. This means that a phone can be opened by two people at the same time.

While features like Screen Time and Shortcuts might take some time for people to get used to, they provide more power to the user in terms of phone usage. Along with a smarter Siri and lighting speed, iOS 12 could be the launchpad on which the next generation of iPhones are released.

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