Once Again Instagram Denies Launching This Important Feature

Yet again Instagram refuses to launch its feature of “Regramming”, a feature that would have enabled to “regram” posts similarly like we “retweet”. However, like every coin has two sides, this feature too has some pros and cons.

Once Again Instagram Denies Launching This Important Feature
Instagram Refuses to Launch “Regramming” Feature

The Facebook owned company Instagram seems to be obstinate about not introducing the much-awaited feature of regramming on its platform. Once again it mentioned that the feature is being tested or built or “not happening at all.” The feature, if it ever existed, would have enabled all the Instagram users to post videos or images from other accounts on to their own accounts just as same as the retweet feature on Twitter.


However, there are some suppositions regarding this too. A leading blog website states that freezing the “Regramming” feature is good news. Citing the reason that by “regramming” the post on the accounts may bring a sense of randomness to the newsfeed. Furthermore, it would result in cropping up of trust issues over the authenticity of the post for those who are following any account. They won’t be sure if they see the videos and images posted are by the account that they follow are from someone else owing to the “regram” feature.


Making reposting your feed easier as an alternative to sharing something authentic could result in Instagram looking like an echo chamber. Already we sometimes see the same post twice or thrice a day, regramming will add fuel to this fire. It would turn Instagram into a popularity contest, with users seeing it as an opportunity to plug their SoundCloud mixtapes like on Twitter or users juggling for a viral distribution.

Personal creativity will be eclipsed even further by people striving to garner views for insignificant posts. Businesses too will suffer as they will get lazy instead of finding their own styles. In case, the users want to discover something unexpected and unique, there is an entire Explore page to satiate the thirst for something new and unique.

Instagram is already thriving at an insane speed. Recently it hit billon monthly users. Stories alone has 400 million daily users, making it grow six times faster than Snapchat. The app at present is absolutely dominant in the short video and photo sharing world. Adding “Regramming” would be a superfluous venture.

Contrastingly, this aspect could be a godsend feature for exploring more fascinating and novel content. It may even aid in making such posts viral.

CEO Kevin Systrom stated last year, “We debate the re-share thing a lot . . . But really that decision is about keeping your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see. And I think that is more of a testament of our focus on authenticity.”

Then again, there were rumors about Instagram indeed testing a way to re-share posts internally. The rumors allegedly stated that the feature will solely survive on the interviews by the new website and screenshots. However, the company in its official statement denied of building any such feature. For now, the feature is being labelled as “Seamless Sharing” internally and is accessible under the “…” option, on the top right corner of every post in the feed.