SimpliSafe – A Smart and Simple Home Security System

With a wide range of self-installing sensors, third-party compatibility, and a minimalistic design – SimpliSafe is set to revolutionize the home security system with its product.

SimpliSafe A Smart and Simple Home Security System
SimpliSafe secures your home from intruders and accidents

Home-owners in developed countries are slowly embracing the multitude of devices that offer to protect their sanctuaries from unwanted intruders and accidents. The home security systems market is expected to undergo a massive boom in the upcoming years – owing to not only the advent of cheaper and smarter devices but also because of the fact that only 20% of all Americans are currently availing such services. Tech giants Amazon and Google have developed their own home security systems – the Ring Alarm and Nest Secure, respectively. Nonetheless, the SimpliSafe Home Security System has garnered rave reviews due to its simplicity, versatility, and a self-installation procedure – and according to critics is the best available product in today’s market.

It’s developed by a Boston-based home security company called SimpliSafe, founded in 2006 by two Harvard Business School students. With the company launching its first-generation home security systems in 2009, it has since grown to be worth over $1 billion in 2018. SimpliSafe has marketed its product as a one-box solution, producing and selling a self-installing system that connects to a central monitoring system. The monitoring system constitutes a base station and a keypad. The stylish and minimally-designed base station is armed with long-lasting lithium batteries, cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, high-quality speakers, and a 95 dB siren – and has the capacity to support an array of 41 sensors across the house. The keypad includes a large bright screen with a monochrome display, illuminated keys, and a long range of signal – which could be used not only for system configuration but also for arming.

What separates the SimpliSafe Home Security System from its competitors is its wide array of sensors. Operating on lithium batteries and capable of emitting an 85 dB siren, they are installed by the home-owner at suitable locations. Once the physical installation is complete, the component is easily registered on the base station and becomes part of the entire system. Along with entry sensors designed for doors and windows, SimpliSafe also provides glass break sensors and motion detectors that detect any unwarranted entry. While smoke and carbon-dioxide detectors trigger the system in case of a fire, a water-leak sensor notifies the owners of flooding on the aftermath of a burst pipe. A temperature sensor to identify a sway from optimal living temperatures, security cameras, and a smart doorbell and lock all adds up to ensure that SimpliSafe is one of the most comprehensive security systems available on the market today.

However, SimpliSafe has monetized the integration of smartphone to remotely monitor the system – a big drawback in otherwise a flawless system. Users can subscribe to SimpliSafe’s $14.99/month standard monitoring plan or $24.99/month interactive monitoring plan to open up remote monitoring and notification through its mobile apps. On 19th September, 2018, SimpliSafe released an integration with Google Assistant that would allow users to control their home security systems with Google Home or other Assistant enabled device.

Overall, once SimpliSafe is set up, it surreptitiously runs to protect users from various security threats. Its wide variety of robust and responsive sensors connect with the central monitoring system to ensure complete safety. As compared to both Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest, SimpliSafe boasts better sensor range and battery life – giving it a significant edge over its major competitors. Its elegant minimalist design enables it to blend into the background of your home – while keeping a watchful eye to keep you secure.

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