The Walking Dead: From an Anticipated Conclusion to An Unfinished Disappointment

No “Walking Dead” finale, Lord give strength to Walking Dead fanatics. The final season of the much-hyped video game “The Walking Dead” may be left without a conclusion as its developer undergoes massive layoffs.

Game - The Walking Dead

I am afraid that this won’t be a very pleasant thing to read for some of you, especially if you belong to “The Walking Dead” fandom. As its developer—Telltale Games— undergoes huge layoffs, the final season of this video game may be left partial.

In this critically acclaimed game, “The Walking Dead” players have been fashioning the story-driven game by their own choices, since 2012. After continuing for so many years, “The Final Season” promised to finally wrap the story.

“The Final Season” was programmed to survive up to four playable episodes—but now the developers are claiming that the episode 2 that released on 24 September, was the last.

Video game developer Telltale Games stunned the gaming industry when they laid off around 90% of their staff on September 21st, which appears to be a complete shutdown of the company.

Famous for their narration driven “choose your own adventure” games centered on popular grants, Telltale had relished crucial success with titles based on hit shows like “Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, and “Batman.”

The proclamation was predominantly shocking for Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” aficionados, who were waiting for a new entry into the series in just a few days. The video game is a finale of 6 years’ significance of storytelling, and players enjoyed carrying their own personal decisions and story progress between the four different releases in the series so far.

Each Telltale game that is about 2 hours each has been launched in a series of playable episodes. Players can pay in advance for a season and can access all the episodes that are usually released a month or two apart.

Originally “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” was arranged to be four episodes long, with the first one being released on August 14 and the second one on September 24th. But with the sudden closing of Telltale’s processes, the endings that some players have been striving hard towards for years now seem to be in danger.

In a statement released on 21 September, Telltale Games asserted that except 25 members, its entire staff of 250 people had been laid off. The lead voice actress of “The Walking Dead” Melissa Hutchinson took on Twitter to share her anxieties that the final season would be left incomplete after the second episode is released.

Hutchinson played Clementine, a young Asian-American girl who comes of age in the zombie-infested world of “The Walking Dead.” Players shaped the personality an eight-year-old Clem with their in-game decisions as she grew into a powerful protagonist in her own right. After three full seasons of character development, Telltale promised a conclusion to Clementine’s story with “The Walking Dead: The Final Season.”

Now, gamers who paid $19.99 for the final season’s may be short changed for the last third and fourth episode might be short changed, and fans who have invested their time in “The Walking Dead” game for the last six years may be left without closure.

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