Your Plan, Your Planet

Google’s new initiative – Your Plan, Your Planet offers a good hard look at your sustainability habits and an interactive way to understand your environmental impact.

Your Plan, Your Planet
“Your Plan, Your Planet” – A Simple Step Towards A Big Change

It turns out that, standing for extra five minutes in that relaxing hot shower, or discarding a couple of overripe bananas at the end of every week, has more and grave impact than you can imagine.  Google’s new Your Plan, Your Planet communicating tool can assist you in learning habits that you might want to buttress in order to save energy and reduce waste.

As the new Google feature launches in partnership with the California Academy of Sciences, it aims to make people aware of that how their daily, small habits which people tend to ignore most of the time, can make a huge difference for our environment. So, it seems that the small actions result in more outcomes than we can contemplate. However, the bright side is, there’s a lot we can do to help create an optimistic environmental change since our actions really do matter.

As per the 2017 environmental report of Google, the United Nations (UN) forecasts that by 2025, approximately two-thirds of the entire planet’s population possibly will be coping with water shortages and droughts. According to the Google’s report, we can help change the game in favor of greater environmental sustainability by simply stepping up our water efficiency endeavors and by rethinking how we can deal with the waste.

Google’s recent blog post, illustrated how simple habits like turning your water heater down a smidge, using a dishwasher (in case you don’t have one, consider buying one as it uses less water and guarantees more rest for you), freezing your leftovers to reduce food waste, can considerably reduce your environmental footprint.

The search engine giant further expresses thru their blog that greatest blow to the environment comes from three things that we daily use: how much energy we use daily, our food, and water. Only when each of us pledges to make small but influential changes in our day-to-day routines, we can all facilitate a big difference for a better and safe future.

On a personal note, I tried the new tool and was surprised to find that simply switching to a water smart shower head, I could avoid the wastage of 3,000 gallons of water a year. Furthermore, we can save up to two-thirds of the food we throw out from spoilage by making sure that the foods are stored in the right spots in the fridge, as per the data from the feature. You can test your food storage perception and learn some ridiculous simple ways to chiefly reduce food wastage with this tool. And it is also a sort of fun to use, too. A win-win situation for us!

Besides, food manufacturing counts for about 25% of CO2 emissions and more than two-third of our global energy use. Scientific American also reports that we can appreciably cut-out our energy consumption by cutting the amount of food wasted on a world-wide basis. When we throw food out, that indicates a lot of resources wasted. “Your Plan, Your Planet” acknowledges the big picture of how much energy we are wasting and using on the daily basis. It also offers smart yet simple ways to lessen that impact on a serious note.

We cannot agree more on the fact that the new Google tool is at the end of the day encouraging. As environmental statistics can be a bit overwhelming to understand, it is helpful to hark back to committing some simple shifts in our daily habits. One thing is for sure that we can all make a difference and help in creating a change for the better.