Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Hacks to Get You Through Mythological Missions

Spoiler Alert! This compendium contains major spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Here we aim to guide you cruise smoothly through the mythological missions in the game that puts you against Greek mythological creatures like Medusa.

Assassin Creed Odyssey Hacks to Get You Through Mythological Missions
Cracking the Gates of Atlantis

Spoiler Alert! This compendium contains major spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Here we aim to guide you cruise smoothly through the mythological missions in the game that puts you against Greek mythological creatures like Medusa.

Playing your favorite game can be a delightful experience but what if you get stuck at a certain point and the character won’t allow you to move forward? Frustration is all that you feel, isn’t it? Especially, The Gates of Atlantis quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey begins as a quest for four antique relics. As you start tracking them down it dawns upon you that the four relics are guided by a different mythical legend: The Cyclops, The Sphinx, Medusa and Minotaur. Each legend has its own type of boss fight which is pretty impressive.

However, they can be difficult to find. Therefore, here is a guide on how to beat these four famous Greek myths and where to find them.


  1. Level 35, The Sphinx

Where to find?

The border between Lake Kopais and Scorched Rolling Plains, Central Boetia.

Although it is the first boss fight in the sequence, it is more like a boss riddle or a boss debate. You will come across an old temple with the black stone of Isu ruins and a large Sphinx statue in the center. After helping an archaeologist find his assistant (’s cadaver) and reclaim an artifact, you will be able to awaken the Sphinx after eventide.

Conversing with the Sphinx is a series of riddles. None of them will be too hard for you as you will be having plenty of dialogues to choose from. After correctly answering all of the riddles of Sphinx, it invites you to take a walk around the room and activates glyphs that match with your answers. After successfully lighting up all the glyphs, the Sphinx shrieks and dies, thus giving you the name of the first artefact required to open the Gates of Atlantis.

  1. Level 35, The Cyclops

Name of the Sidequest: A God Among Men

Where to find?

Kythera Islands, on the road to the Murex, the border between Aphrodite’s Watch and Pilgrim Hill.

The quest to find Cyclops eventually begins by a clumpy statue on the threshold of the town. A questgiver is marked on your map on the northwest side of the Kythera Town. Starting with an assistant’s request: Break his god out of jail, the quest is termed as “A God Among Men.”

Once you free the god—Empedokles— out of jail and thrash the guard who landed him in jail, you can reclaim a disk opening old Isu ruins. High-five Empedokles and sail north, up to the Isle of Thisvi in the sea surrounded by Achaia, Boetia, Megaris, and Phokis. After meeting Empedokles there, he will use that disk to unlock the Isu ruins and come in direct contact with Cyclops.

Now the Cyclops is a big and slow creature which adds to our advantage. The most effective way to beat him by dodging between his legs. Keep a steady stream of arrows aiming his eye and light him on fire. You will receive free hits when the Cyclops crumples to the ground after an arrow hits his eye.

When the Cyclops is half dead, out of frustration, he will take an adjacent shaft and use it as a club. This removal of the beam will knock off the balance of the entire cave causing chunks of the ceiling to fall on you. The only thing you can do here is keeping shooting him in the eye and keep moving. DO NOT STAND STILL EVEN FOR A MOMENT!

  1. Level 40, The Minotaur

Name of the Sidequest: Of Minotaur’s and Men

Where to find?

West side of the Pephka/Messara Island, Central Messara, Center of Mino’s Legacy

A small town in Minotaur Hills, Lato is colonized by scam artists and haggles finding a way out to scam tourists and sell Minotaur based trash. The real deal is hidden in a quiet palace ruin over a ridge to the west. Walk towards Knossos Palace wrecks in Mino’s Legacy and lookout for a child trying to find his lost father.

Of Minotaur’s and Men set of quests—that requires to run errands all over Messara— will open after you help the child. Ultimately you will find a key to the Minotaur’s labyrinth of legend. However, it isn’t a puzzling maze, so you can easily find out your way to the Mooing Menace.

The Minotaur too is an aggressive big brute just like the Cyclops. Luckily you can easily defeat this bloke by attacking him in the short openings between his combos and by dodging his attacks. Attacking his rear and continuously circling to one side will prove as the best strategy as the Minotaur will find it difficult to keep up with. His lethal attack is an assault that can be seen coming from a mile away. As the giant concludes, try putting yourself in front of one of the pillars or walls in the room. If he attacks you there, the giant will be stunned, and you can score some easy hits.

  1. Level 50, Medusa

Name of the Sidequest: Romancing the Stone Garden

Where to find?

Lesbos Island, Southwest coast of Petrified Valley, Town of Eresos

The hunt for Medusa—one of the legendary Gorgon— commences in Eresos, on the far northeast island of Lesbos. A questgiver named Bryce will get you started on the series of missions nearby Chios and all over Lesbos. As the area and the quests are high-level, end-game gear, do not attempt to break before you hit level 50. To get a help to get across all the trouble that you will find in the region, try solving some other quests like Goddess’s Hunt quest from the Daughter of Artemis. Finally, you will find you way back to the Petrified Temple, to let you face Medusa.

The Medusa fight is a tough nut to crack. As the battle starts, Medusa covers herself in a shield and convene several ossified warriors to assist her. While all this is going on, she will continue to summon magic bolts and try to petrify you with her lethal gaze. You will be dealing with more than one thing at a time. The several pillars scattered across the room is what you need to use to stop Medusa’s petrifying gaze. In case you linger in the beam too long, your attack speed and movement will be slowed down and can also potentially kill you.

Hide behind one of this pillars as Medusa’s petrified soldiers come for you. You can defeat them as you dodge the magic bolts from above and keep the pillar between you and Medusa to avoid her gaze. Medusa’s shield will disperse and she herself will be stunned once all the soldiers are destroyed. Grab the opportunity and rush towards her while you unleash your most powerful combination.

Now comes Medusa’s next move. She will start teleporting around the room and swopping between her petrifying gaze and magic bolts. Every time she teleports, make sure you find her and focus on the ability she is casting (every ability is different). In case she is using her gaze, simply hide behind the pillar and if she is using her magic bolts, run towards her and attack. As you get close, beware of her two attacks which are occasionally used. The first attack is an explosion that can be averted by backing away from her while the second one is a grab attack that needs you to be focused and dodge up to perfection to avoid any sort of damage.

Keep repeating this process of chasing her and dodging her magic bolts and gaze while attacking, till she shields herself and calls upon more stone soldiers to attack. Repeat the defence strategy that you used for the first time. The process will be repeated several times until the Gorgon legend is dead. In together, the fight can consume up to 10 minutes. Thus, take it slow and be prepared.

Once you have defeated Medusa, you will find fourth and final artifact required to open the Gates of Atlantis.