Destiny 2, Black Ops 4, Fortnite—Best Updates and In-Game Events for Halloween 2018

‘Tis October the official season to be spooky and here are the gaming companies showering us with update treats. Trick or treat you ask me? I say treat me with new in-game updates and events!

Destiny 2 Black Ops 4 Fortnite-Best Updates and In-Game Events for Halloween 2018
5 Halloween Updates To Look-Out For

October is here bringing with it a whole host of Halloween festivities for online games. Many pronouncements have already started to outline the forthcoming celebrations, so here we are keeping the track of all spooky specials so that you can plan your game accordingly.

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

As a part of its Black Market store front, Black Ops 4 is treating its fans with Halloween themed cosmetic items. Rotating Contraband seasons also known as Operations on a regular basis will extend a list of free cosmetic items as gifts for making game progresses. Starting from Halloween, special seasonal Operations will be swapped once in a while. Starting from October on 20 on PS4 and then following a week later on Xbox One and PC, these Operations will present you with spooky hear to earn.

Commencing dates:

Begins from October 20 on PS4 and October 27 on PC, Xbox One

  1. Dauntless

Casting a shadow on the hub city of Ramsgate, The Dauntless Dark Harvest event will start the ball rolling in the middle of the month. A new alternative—that adulates a Behemoth—known as Unseen will be introduced. While the stores offer time shorter exclusive items, Slayers can put their might to test against a new Behemoth in the Shattered Isles.

Commencing dates:

From October 17 to November 1

  1. DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is unveiling “The Witching Hour.” If you are a hero, you can proceed to the East End safehouse and chat with the Phantom Stranger or in case you are a villain, to begin the quest, you can speak to Tala in Burnley’s The Tap Room. Furthermore, you can unlock Halloween-themed base items, collections, and feats.

Commencing dates:

From October 1st to October 31st

  1. Destiny 2

Bringing back the Halloween-themed festivities, Destiny is back here with its annual Festival of the Lost, offering exclusive loot and special masks. However, this year it will add in a multitude-like PvE mode, a unique currency to buy masks and an exclusive quest-line to crack a murder and an auto rifle called “Horror Story.” The players can earn new Ephemeral Engrams for special cosmetic items accompanied by the Iron Banner event with some modifications making it easier to achieve Powerful Gear.

Commencing dates:

Begins from October 16

  1. Fortnite

Or Fortnitemare should we call it? The entire season is to a certain degree ghostly, with skins like Dire Wolf and themes like Darkness Rises. In addition, the game is back with its popular Skull Trooper skin, making it a tad bit easier to access the Ghost Portal Back Bling. Stealing a sneak peek at some special leaked Halloween cosmetics we can expect some pickaxes, gliders, and back bling skins. Information about what should we expect on creepy world events is still under the wraps.

Commencing dates:

Continues to remain a mystery.

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