Exploring the Future with Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy 7 Handset

The Korean phone maker hints a reveal for its new dual-screen, foldable smartphone at its upcoming developer conference next month.

Exploring the Future with Samsung Foldable Galaxy 7 Handset (2)
Touching the Near Future with Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung is inching closer to take off the covers of its new foldable smartphone, an archetype of which has apparently been under development for years now. Last week, the company sent a tweet releasing a big show or at least the sample version of it, labelling its forthcoming developer conference in November as the crossroads between the presence and the future.

Samsung has used graphics in a video that depict two lines unfolding to become a right-facing arrow, then finally settling into a single vertical line. The crossroads between the present and the future – Samsung Developer Conference is where you’ll meet the knowledge needed to stay on tech’s cutting edge. #SDC18 Learn

This new foldable Samsung Galaxy X is more than a concept. It seems that the South Korean company is now ready to unveil its latest smartphone after its long-time coming status and years of rumors and leaks. Samsung’s CEO, DJ Koh intimated in an interview in September that the product will arrive every soon this year, yet we haven’t seen any models even in their prototype phase.

It looks like this coming status will be changed as early as possible or maybe in the next month itself. It is now more likely than ever that at its Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco that will commence on November 7th some actual hardware or some form of the model’s interface will be revealed.

Until now, all we have is this concept video from 2014, giving us a vague idea what such a device may look like and how to noticeably reduce its size and how the technology will be used to fold a phone in two. Earlier, Samsung displayed a prototype of flexible AMOLED display back in 2012.

Although it may not mean much, we are pretty convinced that the electronics giant has teased the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy X. And anyone who’s been waiting long-sufferingly for this new tech-baby to hit the markets, this gadget may prove as too extravagant for your pocket. With analysts estimating the price of the Samsun Galaxy X could sky-rocket up to ₩2,000,000 that is around, AU$2,500, $1,800, and £1,375.

Apart from Samsung, Huawei and LG too are on the path of manufacturing foldable phones to give a tough competition to Samsung Galaxy X.