Microsoft Unveils xCloud Streaming Service as Xbox One Games to Be Launched on Mobile

Microsoft plans to introduce a game-streaming service that will possibly include Xbox games, for instance, Forza Horizon 4.

Microsoft Unveils xCloud Streaming Service as Xbox One Games to Be Launc...
Carry Your Xbox On Your Phone

Recently Microsoft has declared Project xCloud as a “state-of-the-art” streaming service that aims to introduce console-oriented games to tablet and mobiles.

The public trials for these streaming service will probably commence in 2019, thus allowing gamers to run any Xbox One game, like Forza Horizon or Halo on any device.

This way the game developers will be able to “install and considerably measure access to their games with no further work.”

Microsoft’s objective to build a cloud-streaming service was publicized at the E3 2018 seminar in June where Xbox chief Phil Spencer declared that Microsoft’s developers were developing a solution to stream Xbox games to the mobile.

The company’s announcement informed that the technology is functional with the company’s Azure cloud computing service. Microsoft gave a live demonstration of Forza Horizon streaming on a mobile device, connected by Bluetooth, and controlled with an Xbox controller, and Halo being streamed on a tablet with a touchscreen input.

To overcome the possible latency in any kind of streaming, which could be potentially crippling for video games. Microsoft further revealed that it is already in the process of building customized “blades” utilizing the component parts from an Xbox One S console to fit into their cloud datacenters.

Kareem Choudhary, Corporate Vice President, Gaming Cloud at Microsoft further explained in a blog how cloud game-streaming is a complex and multi-faceted challenge.

Microsoft claims that xCloud can run on a 4G network as the company will certainly improve the service for 5G users.

Azure region itself has 54 data-centers of the company but currently, the service is available only in 140 countries, which is still a strong base for Microsoft to launch its game-streaming service.

The xCloud announcement shortly follows the news of Google working on its independent game-streaming service, Project Stream enabling users to play  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey directly in Google Chrome.

The prominent rival for Xbox in the gaming console market, Sonny PlayStation has started streaming service long back under the name of PlayStation Now. However, after terminating the service on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Sony Bravia TVs, users of the subscription-based service were only allowed to stream games on their PlayStation 4 console or PC rather than streaming on their mobile devices.

Any details regarding the pricing plans or how the service will work for present Xbox One owners were not revealed. Nonetheless, it is disappointing to say that the company is dedicated to its top console and however “the best place to play” will still be the native console.

Therefore, Microsoft is projecting xCloud at gamers that will less presumably buy a high-end console as the tech honcho keeps on its attempt to take the “Xbox” brand past the console market.

Experts are certain of the fact that the console gaming industry possesses no threat from cloud-based gaming in the upcoming years.

Head of Gaming at analyst firm HIS Markit, Piers Harding-Rolls explained that Microsoft will continue to develop a next-gen console that will overtake the Xbox One X and made it clear that it has faith in cloud gaming as an incremental opportunity for Xbox for the anticipated future.

Even though Microsoft maintains that the groundwork will be with no trouble modernized which in turn indicates that a commercial service is about to launch rather sooner than later and most probably before the end of 2019.