Taking Your Parenting Skills A Notch Higher With These Gadgets

Having babies is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Of course, it is, but along with those tiny tots taking care of yourself? Now that seems mission impossible. But worry not, here we have a compilation of baby gadgets that may help you taking care of yourself and soothe your baby.

Taking Your Parenting Skills A Notch Higher With These Gadgets
The Blooming Market of Baby Gadgets

No, we are not going to tell you that with money you can buy a sound sleep with your newborn. If that was true, parents all around the world would have emptied their pockets buying sound sleep with their newborns.

It is quite difficult to get out of bed in the morning and function like a normal human being—forget about being creative and productive—if you were unable to sleep soundly last night, owing to your kid’s midnight crying sessions or waking up hundred times to feed them or change their diapers. Then the deep desire to sleep without any disturbance leads you to fire up Google and search for ways to make your baby sleep throughout the night.

Currently, the baby sleep market is huge. The market has covered everything from vibrating mattress and rocking baby beds. Light and noise machines more hi-tech than anything else in your home. Not to forget the plush cute creatures that make snuggling an entirely new experience. For the sake of our sanity and hopefully, keeping our hopes alive let’s have a look on these gadgets that magically turn your baby’s bedtime into harmonious and stress-free operation that you are yearning for. Or you may just have to wait it out the old-school way.

  1. Infantino GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector

Don’t go by its appearance. A couple of sweet looking foxes are in fact an all-dancing, all-singing sleep gadget that comes with a range of sounds and melodies, nightlight, and a range of melodies. The concept behind this gadget is that your tot will be spellbound by these soothing sounds and will slowly drift into colorful clouds and stars and soon they will nod off.

  1. Baby Shusher

Sick of the sound that you make while “shushing”—or should we say too drained to do it to any further extent—hand the reigns to the Baby Shusher, a machine that mimics your sound (and with a bit of luck tricks your kid into believing that it’s you instead of the machine who is still shushing away). Essentially it is just a white machine noise with a tweak. Cross your fingers and pre-set the time and just hope that before the noise fades away, your little sleep depriver is fast asleep.

  1. Suzy Snooze

Apart from looking like the part of any modern-day nursery, Suzy Snooze provides comforting sounds and lights and also acts as an audio baby monitor when connected with the app. Suzy Snooze’s cry sensor helps your baby get back to sleep as soon as he/she wakes up. For older kids and toddlers, it is a great nightlight.

  1. Galaxy Clock by MomKnows

Of course, Mom knows everything! This galaxy clock comes with different features to help you kindle good sleeping habits in your baby. Moreover, it’s a hit with older kids and toddlers too. What more could you ask for? It is literally a one-time investment. A star-projector to choose from a rainbow selection or favorite color, white noise to impersonate the sounds that all your baby heard in womb, nature sounds like forest birds, ocean waves, and rainfall, and perhaps the least-offensive and coolest alarm clock ever: the star projector comes up innately to give your baby the feel of rising-sun and develop a natural sleep rhythm. Apart from all these facets, Galaxy Clock also serves as a high-quality mp3 player, compatible with MP3, iPod, Android, and iPhone.

  1. Lulla Doll

Manufactured by Roro, the Lulla Doll created an uproar on social media when she made her first appearance and obviously it was for a good reason. Parents swear by this soft doll. The doll comes with a magic touch when it comes to your baby’s sleep issues. She functions by playing a real-life recording of breathing and heartbeat, for straight 8 hours.

We hope that at least one of the gadgets works for you. Happy parenting!