The Cutting Edge of Feminine Health Tech

Predictably there is a dearth of feminine health tech, but gradually you can see it changing as we at Hitech here have rounded up some of the finest tech examples that aim to make your life easier.

The Cutting Edge of Feminine Health Tech
Making Quintessential Feminine Life Easier With Technology

Women on a daily basis face a range of wellbeing, health, and societal issues from public breast-feeding to bladder incontinence to period pains but worry not there are gadgets and applications from next-gen breast pumps to menstrual trackers at your rescue ma’am!

Here are some of the gadgets to list. Although the quality or appearance of these gizmos may not be appealing but hey! these are nevertheless trying to help.

  1. Fitbit Female Health Tracking

Very clearly Fitbit’s Versa watch is totally made for women, however presumably we can consider it as a unisex device. The wearable with its usual fitness tracker stuff also track’s wearers menstrual cycle and predicts fertile window.

These features enable to better understand the ways in which user’s cycle impacts her different aspects of health and wellness by linking it with sleep and other activity data that can be availed in one place.

Its in-app period tracking option allows you to log your period, record symptoms and get notified by receiving push notification two days prior and on the day of your next expected period start date so that you are well-aware and not caught off guard.

  1. Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

So, it is basically a Fitbit for your pelvic floor. One in three women and up to 70% of new mothers are affected by pelvic floor problems like bladder incontinence. Doctors often recommend Kegel exercises to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor besides these exercises can potentially improve your sexual life too.

The only difficulty that lies here is it gets difficult to train muscles that are not visible. That’s where Elvie comes in. The discreet, relatively comfortable, and genuinely useful silicone gadget that is to be “inserted” and when paired with app gives instantaneous biofeedback.

The app guides you to track progress as well as guides through exercises. In total there are 6 exercises recommended which merely consume 5 minutes of your 24 hours.

  1. Ava Bracelet

Again, another wearable that tracks fertility, menstrual cycle and/or pregnancy. Ava measures 9 different physiological parameters to track fertile window and ovulation. Apart from health data like heart rate, Ava also informs the wearer about what to expect every week when she (user) gets pregnant. Well, that’s a plus point right there.

  1. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

A hands-free pump that keeps all pouches and milk-expressing tube in one bra, enabling women to move around freely and pump discreetly. Ah! What more can you ask for? However, living in 2018, breastfeeding and expressing milk shouldn’t be an issue but some women especially working women find it intimidating to express milk at work place.

For these women willow comes as a boon pumping milk discreetly and also monitoring the milk volume it prevents any embarrassing spillage. So, get up and pump baby!

  1. Innovo Shorts

These smart shorts treat urinary incontinency with regular usage.  One in three women in the United Kingdom and 50% of menopausal women suffer from bladder incontinence that is a urinary leak. Innovo Shorts may not be a sexy solution, but they have promising results, enabling ninety-three per cent women to feel considerably drier in 4 weeks and eighty-six per cent users experienced negligible bladder leaks after 12 weeks.

The shorts use Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation technology that stimulates the muscles across the pelvic floor through its conductive panels, generating a training and strengthening effect with regular use.

A hand-held console comes with these shorts to initiate one of the two programmes where one is tailored for strengthening the pelvic floor and curing stress urinary incontinence, and the other for urge incontinence.

Judging them by looks, we shall say them as something less than sexy, but it is fine if it has promising results.