Top Horror Games To Play On This Halloween

Halloween is here! It doesn’t matter if you are into large men running after you with a chainsaw, thematically interesting stories, interactive fiction, or simply into jump scares. Here we have filled this blog with an array of games that will for sure freak the hell out of you.

Top Horror Games To Play On This Halloween
Games To Make Your Halloween More Spooky

I simply can’t resist writing Halloween themes articles! I promise it is the last Halloween themed article (until next year). Here I’ve tried to compile a list of spooky games that still hold up well to this day.

  1. Resident Evil 7

The game starts as a bold, scary reboot but as it enters its later chapters, it gets more action-oriented. However, there is no denying of the fact that exploring Baker family’s mucky manor in Resident Evil 7 is certainly a repugnant treat.

The details of the setting are amazing. In the first half of the game, the sense of the unknown is so overpowering that you poke around every corner with the utmost care and treat bullets like gold. Resident 7’s videotapes that make you play separately soliloquies that send more light on the story and Baker family, proffer the game’s best and most experimental moments.

  1. Inside

An inexorably miserable programmer puts you through a trial of hellish imagery— security robots, nasty weather, creepy mermaids, people hunting you down and much more that we do not wish to disclose here. Inside’s imagination of a cruel hellish world that’s sole purpose is to kill you always is extraordinary regardless of the fact that moment-to-moment programming is familiar and may end-up as frustrating. Honestly, you are primarily playing the game to get the taste of setting.

  1. Stories Untold

In this compendium game, you are actually operating a computer within the game: first playing an ancient horror text escapade set in an eerie house and later playing similar dealings in other locations with a station and a lab in subzero conditions. The way these episodes link together is the game’s supreme mystery, but it’s the way the surrounding environment changes along with the story beats will make you freak out.

Stories Untold is developed in collaboration with Alien: Isolation UI intelligence Jon McKellan. Besides, it will only take a few hours to overcome, coming at a reasonable price of $10 on Steam.

  1. Outlast 2

Since it is a trial-and-error stealth sly game, Outlast 2 might not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, thematically it is more interesting than other games on this list. You will be playing the character of a journalist who is searching for a missing woman in Arizona. As you are searching for that woman, you wife is abducted by a crazy sect. The origins of this cult will be informed through snippets of letters during the game. As you navigate the dark environments using your camera’s night vision mode, it gets scarier and scarier with the entire village wanting you finished. Not to forget the harrowing imagery ever used in the game.

  1. System Shock 2

Prior to being BioShock, it was known as System Shock: an overall combination of FPS and RPG, and one that is in its second and probably the best duplication telling the story of a scalawag AI on a ghostly spaceship where the AI is being the unbeatable uppercase SHODAN. The homicidal AI has concreted the way for GlaDOS indubitably, but the game is the combination of rewarding exploration, meaningful character advancement, the novel use of audio diaries and horrifying enemies that makes the System Shock 2 a remarkable and outstanding horror game.

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