21 Family-Friendly Apps for Children Ensuring Safe Gaming

With children being increasingly exposed to a swarm of inapt advertising techniques via their apps and games, these 21 “child friendly” apps ensure that the fun and educational software doesn’t bombards the young sensitive brains with adult content or aggressive adverts.

Apps - 21 Family-Friendly Apps for Children Ensuring Safe Gaming
Finding Kid-Friendly Games and Apps

Scientist from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital scrutinized over 100 apps, chiefly from the Google Play Store and discovered that approximately all of them had at least one ad, often interleaved into the apps’ games and activities.

According to the researchers, the apps used various ways to convey these ads to children, including in-app purchases, using commercial characters, distracting ads, hidden ads, or ads that were posed as gameplay items, and pop-up ads.

To protect these young impressionable minds from such contents, we have compiled here child friendly apps that solely aim to provide fun and educational stuff to you child.

  1. Get Creative from CBeebies

(Android/iOS, free)

This new BBC app focuses on stories, music, and art, with the help of popular characters from the channel.

  1. Sizzle & Stew

(iOS, $5.13)

A two-player cooking game wherein you can experiment with different foods and kitchen equipment to create meals.

  1. Train Kit: Wild West

(iOS, $5.13)

Here, children simply have to lay out their scenery and track, then switch a 3D view to take a ride around their own masterpiece,

  1. Bandimal

(iOS, $5.13)

If your little one is interested in making people swoon around on his own tunes, then consider this app as perfect for your kid. The app is basically a musical composer that features dancing cartoon animals that allows kids to mix and match drum effects and loops.

  1. Little Fox Animal Doctor

(Android/iOS, $3.46-$5.13)

More and more cute creatures in this beautifully programmed app, wherein you little munchkin gets to play vet to seven animals.

  1. Hopster


Take it as a Netflix-style subscription for your child where you pay $6.42 for ad-free music, TV shows and educational games.

  1. Sago Mini Big City

(Android/iOS, $5.13)

A safe haven for children who are keen to explore a digital playset city.

  1. World of Peppa Pig


Veer off the child-unfriendly YouTube spoof videos with this official Peppa Pig app: games, stories, and videos for $6.42 a month.

  1. Nosy Crow Fairytales Bundle

(iOS, $25.73)

A treat for parents and younger children to read and play together.

  1. Lexi’s World

(iOS, $3.85)

A new app that focuses on letters and words. Children type words (from “dog” and “cat” to “yak” and “ball”) to conjure those objects or characters into life on the screen.

  1. Dr Panda School

(Android/iOS, $3.85)

Children conceive their own stories by dressing up a crew of characters and then acting out tales.

  1. Azoomee


A child-friendly center of videos, games, and educational content, coming with a tag of $6.42 monthly subscription.

  1. Toca Life: Pets

(Android/iOS, $5.13)

Similar to a digital film set: children maneuver objects and characters in 5 scenes, while recording their voice and telling a story.

  1. Teach Your Monster to Read

(Android/iOS, $6.42)

Coming with a unique tactic that besides fun phonics, boosts their own development, this apps asks children to edify their own pet monster.

This app asks children to educate their own pet monster, a tactic that, alongside fun phonics games, aids their own development.

  1. Khan Academy Kids

(Android/iOS, free)

Well known for its educational content for adults, Khan Academy has a kids’ version too: reading, writing and math included.

  1. Talu Space

(iOS, $3.85)

The full of fun collection of space-themed mini-games that focuses on logic puzzles, matching, problem solving, sorting, and counting. What more could we ask for!

  1. ScratchJr

(Android/iOS, free)

Based on the Scratch website, ScratchJr is one of the best programming apps for kiddos. Kids aged 5 and above will truly enjoy coding.

  1. Hey Duggee: The
    Exploring App

(Android/iOS, $3.85)

With 7 mini-games testing you child’s creative, matching and reaction skills, pre-school TV show Hey Duggee delights your kid with its own app.

  1. Squeebles Multiplication

(Android/iOS, $5.13)

Also known as Squeebles Times Tables in Apple store, this app is an engaging math app that covers the basics of multiplication.

  1. The Gruffalo Spotter

(Android/iOS, free)

This official Gruffalo app pushes your child outside to explore 26 Forestry Commission sites across England, using augmented reality for amazing selfies.

  1. Fiete Math Climber

(Android/iOS, $1.27 – $4.23)

Known as one of the brighter math apps; this app has characters and short exercises to be unlocked with the coins that can be only earned.