4 Kitchen Gadgets to Get on Your Black Friday List

What you make in your kitchen sustains you, bring in gadgets that lubricate all aspects of kitchen life.

4 Kitchen Gadgets to Get on Your Black Friday List
4 Gadgets To Look Out For

It is an undeniable fact that kitchen is the heart of the home. It doesn’t matter if you use your kitchen for simply brewing coffee, boiling water, or you scrupulously prepare meals on regular basis right from the scratch, nothing can deter this fact.

There are certain key elements to a kitchen that you need to make it “home sweet home.” But to incentivize the less-than-likely kitchen user to learn all the space has to offer, there are few gadgets that you can rely on to ultimately save your money in the long run. For instance, a hi-tech coffee kettle that can give a tough competition to the coffee shop.

It is completely fine if you are just a hobby cook or master chef, I bet you are already picking up the 4 kitchen gadgets that I am putting down here.

  1. Material The 3-Knife + Stand Set

Nothing, and by nothing, I mean NOTHING can replace good knives. You will end up wasting more money and time and risk more injury with unsharpened, cheap knives than you will ever with the few knives that you never dishwash. It can be a bit difficult to store knives that you are readily reaching for and space can also pose an issue.

Material has answered this question and introduced a walnut storage base with specially designed slots to stylishly hold and display your new knife set. Sealed with 3 essential knives, it is a good comeback with an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 6-inch serrated knife and an “almost” 4-inch paring knife for your good-for-nothing knives.

Price: Usually $200, on sale for $169.98

  1. UBi-IND Pan Handle Holder

We all know that cast iron is the new trend and the stainless-steel frying pans are way better than the competition. But if these items are already in your collection you are well aware how hot their handles get. It can be annoying to control these flat pot holders and those dish towels aren’t always the best options either.

The UBi-IND Pan Handle Holder is an easy to tuck in drawer for security, easy and your hands will for sure thank you.

Price: $15

  1. Fellow Stagg XF Pour Over Set

A French press that you can drink from. Reduce your dishes and time by brewing your single cup of directly into the double walled, insulated, heat resistant glass decanter of this pour over set. You don’t have to worry about the variance in your brew, due to the consistent drip duration every time as the gadget features a no-clog drainage system. The jug has lines to measure water precisely every time and the Stagg dripper is vacuum insulated for better heat retention with every brew.

Price: Usually $99, now on sale for $84.98

  1. Meater Meater+ Wireless Thermometer

Nothing can more disappoint you than cherry picking the perfect piece of meat the butcher’s shop only to bring it home and slightly overcook it. Meet the Meater Meater+ Wireless Thermometer. Just place the wireless thermometer in whatever you are cooking, open the intuitive app and walk away. Attend your guests and relax. This thermometer will send you notifications and update through Bluetooth to your phone informing you what to do at any given time, make it the perfect companion and sous. And with 24 hours of continuous cooking time, you need not to fear about the device being dead the next time you reach for it until and unless you plan to cook continuously for 24 hours.