5 Useful Gadgets Under $20 On Amazon to Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we can’t make up our minds what to gift our kin and what not depending on our budgets. So here is a simple guide that will help you to pick out some real gems from Amazon that too under $20.

5 Useful Gadgets Under $20 On Amazon to Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas
Gifts With $20 Tag To Gift Your Friends

Unless I am a kazillionaire I cannot think of gifting expensive Lego sets or any exotic stuff to my nephews and nieces or any friends. At this exact moment, Amazon intervenes as my knight in shining armor, my savior bringing along an ah-mazing collection of cool gadgets under $20 range.

Agreed that Amazon may be unable to deliver the rich-people stuff, but for sure it is full of mind-blowing clever products that we all need to own right now. Never again you will have to struggle with fitted bedsheets or finding the right lid for your travel stein. All of a sudden dripping pancake batter, dark circles and spoiled wine become a thing of the past.

So, the first gadget on the list is:

  1. JETech iPhone Kickstand Case

Available for: $9

This protective phone case comes with an inbuilt finger ring and kickstand. Not only does it provide you with the best hold while texting or taking perfect angled selfies but also it ensures a 360 protection to your cell phone with air-cushioned corners, shock-absorbing silicone, and a raised screen lip. Users especially love that it is clear and thin as it makes your phone to stand out.

  1. BUMP IT OFF Silicone Cleaning Tool

Available for: $10

There is no such thing that this silicone cleaning tool can’t deal with. Be it your pets, laundry, your countertops, your dishes or even your skin. There is no such thing that this tool can’t deal with. Coming with a double-sided handle, it fits right over your fingers for effortless cleaning of all types of messes and stains. The best part of this gadget is it is made up of 100% heavy-duty silicone which is bio-degradable and cleans off smoothly.

  1. INSIQ Tiniest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Available for: $13

The smallest speaker in the world is winning fans all over the world. The speaker is only about the size of a quarter. Apart from functioning as a Bluetooth connector within 30 feet range, this speaker can also double up as a selfie button enabling you to take pictures from far away.

  1. GreenPax Universal Lid

Available for: $11

These genius lids can pretty much turn any mug or glass into a travel cup. Honestly thinking where were you for my entire life? The 3 interior rims can hug several sizes of cup lips ensuring a spill-free fit. The fact that they are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe serves as a cherry on the cake. These lids can be used with any straw or with GreenPax refillable silicone straws which are sold individually by the company.


  1. Etekcity Lasergrip Infrared Thermometer

Available for: $16

Irrespective of what you are doing—doing home repairs, barbecuing, or cooking—this Lasergrip infrared thermometer can precisely assess the targets, even from a distance. Coming with a laser pointer that aids you to fix your target, hassle-free setup and live temperature readings, this device is perhaps the best purchase. Just install the batteries that are included and press the button.

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