Hybrid cloud to be the newest sensation for 2019: Feds


Cloud computing has become the vital component in the federal IT and will continue its trend in 2019. However, officials opine that there will be a shift toward hybrid cloud infrastructure in the next year. Federal executives present at the VMware Public Sector Innovation Summit outlined that there would be complexity in agency networks and it would lead to the integration of cloud solutions. The collaboration with on-premise legacy systems would help in finding solutions in efficient manner.

Maria Roat, CIO at the Small Business Administration (SBA), states that there would be more hybrid cloud solutions. They have been working on a model at SBA. Moreover, they have been managing the on-premise facilities and all of its three cloud environments through cloud-based tools.

There has been a paradigm shift from the Cloud First plan to the Cloud Smart strategy by the White House. This shift has enabled federal agencies to implement the services in the best possible way that would serve the mission and give solutions to the challenges faced by federal leaders.

Francisco Salguero, deputy CIO at the Department of Agriculture, outlined that federal agencies need to adopt cloud solutions as soon as possible. Owing to security concerns and regulatory compliance, the public sector has taken a lot of time to adopt. He added that the adoption among government offices took some time as it was difficult to determine how to leverage new technology securely. It is essential to implement technology smartly by abiding security and other regulatory constraints depending upon the requirements.    

Hybrid cloud is able to bridge the gap between requirements and regulatory policies and enable wider adoption by facilitating the implementation of the best practices. The agencies such as Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) would reap benefits of the hybrid cloud. As organizations and agencies move toward IT modernization, they have been exploring hybrid cloud options to address their needs. There will be nearly 65 cloud products that would receive authorization by FedRAMP in 2019. Moreover, there will be various hybrid solutions to assist agencies with on-board capabilities.

As the adoption of hybrid cloud increases across various sectors, the market would experience a significant growth in the next few years. According to the research firm, the global hybrid cloud market is expected to reach $171.92 billion by 2025. The emergence of hybrid IT services and growing adoption among small and medium businesses would create more opportunities in the market.

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