5 New Android Apps to Give a Squint at!

5 New Android Apps to Have a Squint at!

Are you trying to enhance your tablet and smartphone experiences yet more? In a scenario when a number of apps get released every day, it’s really not that easy to keep a proper track of the same. So, if you are done with what you have already got and want to try something new, the following 5 apps will definitely come to your aid.

PlayJ– Who is not addicted to video chat? Everyone is, and we assume, so are you! PlayJ is meant for you only. Although it’s just a social app, it would make you indulge in some extra fun activities too. Even after being in a video call with a person, you can continue doing other stuffs as well. When a small square box will be there for video chat, the rest of the screen will be dedicated to whatever you want to do with your device. Right from playing your favorite games to watching other videos, you can just do anything you want! Didn’t you find this fun app quite interesting?

WakingNews Alarm Clock– Waking up early in the morning must be a pain for you too. But, as soon as you download this particular app, you can just overcome the impasse in an easier way than ever. While it will primarily function as an alarm clock, it will also read the morning news for you. It will ring at the pre-set time and will also go off on time; but, when it goes off, it will collect news from all the reputed sources and recite the same for your best interest. Isn’t it little bit like our old school radio alarm clocks?

00.37– Are you a fitness freak? Then, you should definitely give downloading 00.37 a serious thought! All the different sets you do in your fitness session can have a better control with this app. You can also change the timer and the number of sets you want to perform. Just come up with your own exercise routines and its simple yet non-intrusive user interface will make you have a gala fitness course. Tracking your sessions in a perfect manner should no more be a problem with you.

YAHOO Play- It comes as a mixed bag and keeps you updated with the pop culture news. Letting you do stuff like taking quiz, this smart entertainment app can mold your recess time just the way you want.

Xbox Game Pass Beta– With a lot of Beta apps thriving the market, this one is definitely going to impress you in more than one way. The app is faster than the usual Xbox apps. While it permits speedy review and scrutiny of the existing Game Pass library, it also makes room for you to set up alerts for new catalog additions, thereby keeping you updated with the entire drift.

What are you still waiting for? It’s time for your smart Android wizard to be uploaded with these genies. Give them a shot right away and make your life even more exciting.