5 Top-end Gadgets You Should Try in Your Living Room

5 Top-end Gadgets You Should Try in Your Living Room
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Have you just moved in a new apartment? Looking for exclusive ideas to make it look unique? Especially, when it comes to the living room, you would probably not want to leave a single effort to create an exemplar before your peers! This post is going to come to your perfect aid then. Here, we would discuss about 5 high-tech gadgets that you definitely need in your living room. Apart from adorning the place with their high-end guise, they will be functional too.

Prizm- After a hectic day at office, can anything calm your mind better than a good music? Probably not! Prizm is here to make your life even more vivid and exciting. It will just act as a cool friend of yours who knows what music to play at the right time. After you wake up, it might play a Bridgit Mendler track for you and when you come home, it might jazz you up with a Rihanna fluke. You can customize your choice too. All you need to do is just press the button at the center and tell it which song you like and Prizm will play your favorite tune just in a jiffy! So with this mini bliss, your mood is always set!

Organic LED lights– Well, we know, this is a bit costly and except you have got a promotion lately, you would probably not opt for it. But, with Philips getting the price down last year, you can actually think of this new inclusion at your place.  These exclusive bendable fixtures will not only light up your place like never before, but will also use half the energy that a normal fluorescent light does. So, you will actually end up saving a lot in the long run. And, with such eco-friendly add-on, you will be helping the planet too.

Welcome– For all the parents out there, it’s going to be a hit for sure. Even if you remain busy in office, the thought of your kids reaching home happens to bug you all the time. This is where Welcome comes into play. When you get scared over your kids not texting you at sharp 2.30 pm, Welcome is there to ease your up. This advanced home surveillance device is upgraded with facial recognition technology and will send you an instant notification whenever your kids will step into home. Also, it will inform you when there will be an unknown face at your place.

Point– Perhaps, there will not be a better security device than this! Apart from detecting face, Point will notify you whenever there is even a pinch of smoke. Also, it can identify unusual high noise levels, alerting you against any unwanted incident. The potential mold growth on your walls will also not dodge the eyes of Point. Any unusual happening, and you will be warned of the same just within a flick of eyes.

Air purifier– The ecstasy of being in clean air is certainly comparable to none! A good air purifier will filter out the bad air through films of activated charcoal and spew out the clean air from the top. You can try the brands like Muji, Philips, Dyson etc.

What are you still waiting for? Just give them a shot right away!