Apple’s New Gas Detection Patent Hits the News

Apple's new gas detection patent

Have you seen any recent movie about apocalyptic conditions just snuffing out humans from the face of the earth? Then, you must be familiar with the characters building underground courses where they can den themselves into in order to survive the calamity. These passages are often fraught with sensors that identify the impending dangers like storm, earthquake or even radioactive threats. But, what Apple feels is that one just needs an iPhone for this! A recent conference hold by this giant venture displays a mobile device with the potential to detect noxious gases.

This patent for new technological innovation that would allow Apple devices to espy several toxic gases including Sulphur dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide has actually raised a surge among the youngsters as well as the adults alike. Moreover, it would also be able to detect compounds like sulphates, chlorides, phosphates and siloxanes. Expectations are there that the tiny gas sensors will be gilded with features like improved poisoning resistance, enhanced stability and controllable signal resistance. The company has disclosed that it had applied for the patent back in March 2018 and it’s just been few days they are awarded with the same. Even, Apple watch and iPad seem to be embellished with this new add-on. But, there is no definite news when this novelty is going to hit the market.

Also, Apple is up with the mission to work hard on revamping the iPhone with cutting-edge displays and a smaller slash. However, the latest patent points to the scenario that the company might go even a step further by crooking the front glass through the edge of the device. They believe, it might adorn the device with a full glass look. 

The patent namely “Electronic devices with structural glass members” shows up the usage of a bendable display that can be attached to a glass support member, finally forming a device that almost looks like it’s crafted out of a warped piece of glass. The ultimate design is expected to be very refined and elegant. Also, according to the close sources, it could even work with any electronic device on board. Nevertheless, most of the images incorporated with the patent happen to specify the fact that it has only been designed for the iPhone.

With Apple focusing more on health in the past few months, the launch of the new model is expected to hit the air quite soon.

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