Cybersecurity Trends to Lookout for in 2019

Cybersecurity Trends to Lookout for in 2019

While the initiation of fourth industrial revolution has cut through an array of new business opportunities, it has also increased the possibility for cyber-attacks to a significant extent. This is the high time when cybersecurity should get heightened yet more. By making the professionals aware of the growing menace and giving them the hints about how to safeguard their organizations from cybercriminals, the following trends are surely going to be great help.

Rise in multifactor authentication– A study has been conducted by Verizon and it has to state that frail, feeble and stolen password is the reason behind almost 65% of data ruptures. Even today, there are many organizations that that are still into the practice of using single factor authentication. However, according to the experts, 13 characters should be the minimum strength of a password and then only evading a brute force becomes feasible. The IT admins worldwide are now opting for multifactor authentication to save the cause.

AI powered attacks– Artificial Intelligence has the potential to acclimate its code from the data accumulated without external programming. Thus, the chances for mistakes are quite less. Also, with the enhanced techniques on board, it becomes even more precise and accurate. The cybersecurity attacks powered by AI are expected to even upgrade the cyber practices all over the world. According to a report by Webroot, around 90% of US cybersecurity professions happen to use Artificial Intelligence in their cybersecurity stratagem. The use of AI in cyber-attacks has now become a matter of concern for a large number of cybersecurity professionals. 

Dearth in skilled professionals– There is no doubt in the fact that the industry falls short of experienced cybersecurity professionals and this is certainly going to be a challenge for the companies in years to come. Even the alluring packages offered by several organizations cannot hire the required talents to fill the vacancy. However, the trend of outsourcing cybersecurity essentials to IT firms is on the beam and this drift is anticipated to grow yet more in 2019.

Botnets– While the use of Internet of Things has been a bliss to the mankind, the threat of an attack using botnet of infested devices is also on the rise. The fact that IoT devices tend to have little memory does not allow them to store much information except few relevant action data. And, in case of hacking, the chances for one to save the device is actually less. Nevertheless, certain advanced devices like power grid systems have the capacity to shut down the entire machine, in case cyber criminals hack the contraptions which, in turn, may result in heavy financial loss.

Advanced security technologies– With more sophisticated technologies making space in the sphere of cybersecurity, the companies can now defend themselves against the crime though. But, for the same, there is a constant need for the ventures to remain updated with the current drift.

To conclude, when it comes to cyber-security, one has to be more vigilant than ever! Organizations investing in security measures to curtail down the risks of data rupture will certainly face a tough competition. Whatsoever, with the collaborative efforts of several international bodies on board and with them taking recourse to a stern approach to cybercrimes, these issues will definitely get a sharp edge. At the same time, the regulatory laws should also be apprised and the awareness of cyber threats should be on the jet too.