HansaMatrix to Offer EUR 5.5 Million to Lightspace Technologies

3D Display Market

HansaMatrix, SA, a manufacturer of electronic systems is offering USD 5.5 million (EUR 4.8 million) financing to SIA Lightspace Technologies, a global leader in multi-plane volumetric 3D display technology. Its products include large screen size front view 3D image displays, bench-top surface 3D image displays, and more.

HansaMatrix’s representatives informed that the latter would receive a sum of USD 5.5 million from HansaMatrix in 2018 and 2019, supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB). According to the representatives, the financing has been granted with the aim to back the investments planned by HansaMatrix in 2018-2020, which are worth EUR 20 million in total.

The investment is aimed at acquiring the technological equipment, research and development tools of Lightspace real-time volumetric 3D image display technology, as well as advance the design and industrialization process of key-enabling photonics elements.

The investment is expected to help in the progress of the Latvian industrial sector and the creation of skilled jobs. As the EIB financing can accommodate half of any project, the funding is to be complemented with HansaMatrix own capital, commercial bank lending and EU funds grants. The 3D technology market is on a growing spree at present. Driving it are the factors such as the growing demand for 3D visualization in the industries such as entertainment, gaming, defense and medical as well as the growing market for TV, monitor, smartphone, and tablets. However, high cost of 3D display and lack of 3D content retrain the growth of the industry. As per the report on 3D display market published by Allied Market Research, the was pegged at $45,784 million in 2016, and is expected to accrue a sum of $193,239 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 16.30% during the forecast period, 2017 – 2023.

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