Reasons Why the Retailers Need a Mobile Wallet Too!

Reasons Why the Retailers Need a Mobile Wallet Too

With the increasing use of mobile wallet among the consumers, their expectations from the retailer’s end have also swelled up like never before! As mobile commerce and online channels have started expanding with a jet’s speed, the brick-and-mortar retailers have become jazzed up to reassess their position and there’s been a significant change in their approach too. Especially, ever since the concept of loyalty cards and coupons have paved in the scenario, the retailers with no lucrative offers on board are likely to be lost in the noise. So, if you have still not started using a mobile wallet, this post is going to tell you why exactly you should need one right away!

Up-to-date offer– A recent survey has proved that almost 80% of mobile apps don’t get deleted from a user’s phone once they are installed. Isn’t it a huge opportunity for the retailers to connect with the customers? It surely is! Here, your team can play really smart! By amending and streamlining the offers on passes, they can easily attract the customers with a new zing. Also, you can send notifications of a new offer with some perfect teasers.

Personalized coupons– The better is the user-experience, the more is the chance for you to proliferate your business. Make it easy for your customers to download the coupons in their smartphones. Just make it as simple as you can. And, yes, nothing can do it better than a mobile wallet. Again, just a little tap on a URL and you can send a number of lucrative coupons to your customers. Your coupons will be right there in their devices and they can utilize the same any time they want, thereby serving your best interest.

Exclusivity– Exclusivity would always help you create a deeper bond with the customers. Whether it’s about the big annual sale or about any VIP exclusive event, a retailer can always offer the members of his loyalty program a quick access right on their loyalty cards. While it would strengthen the bond between both the parties, this smart step would also act as a spur to easy recommendations.

Gift card wallet pass– Offering mobile wallet gift cards is again one of the most effective ways to retain the old customers. Instead of sending a code that will eventually get entombed in an email inbox, it’s always a better idea to send a gift wallet pass.

Improved in-store traffic– Last but not the least; there is no doubt that mobile wallet will create a grand awareness in the minds of your customers, thereby propelling them not to choose any other retailer than you!

To conclude, it’s quite obvious that a proper digital wallet will improve the experience of the retailers in more than one way. Gone are those days when paying cash was the only medium of transaction between a vendor and a buyer. The technological advancements have now made space for enhanced payment security, reduced operational costs and bigger revenues for the retailers. However, there will always be required to update themselves with the current drift. After all, this is how they can provide the customers with a seamless and improved experience. Also, with the growing market demand and evolving expectations from the consumers’ end, the overall functionality needs to get a premium touch and a mobile wallet would always help a retailer meet the emerging requirements.