Samsung Is Coming with 1TB Storage Chips

Samsung Is Coming with 1TB Storage Chips

“Terabyte phones are coming”- can there be a better news than this? Especially, if you are a movie addict and the limited space in your phone has just wrecked your nerve off, it’s time for you to heave a deep sigh of relief!

Be it videos, photos or music, smartphones seem to hold our lives in these cartons and Samsung’s latest version is now going to make it even easier. Samsung has announced that they are really glad to come up with the world’s first 1TB eUFS solution and offer the same to the phone manufacturers all over the world. When the mass production is under process, the mere news of this launch has got the youngsters excited like never before!

With a single flash memory chip, this new model, along with one terabyte of storage, is expected to be a quick answer to all the queries that have been thrown to the tech world till date. According to Samsung memory marketing VP Cheol Choi, while the 1TB eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) will be a practical solution to all the memory-related concerns of the individuals, it is also anticipated to play an important role in making the users enjoy a notebook-like experience. Deemed to be as a third-generation mobile device, it would come with a read speed of up to 1,000 megabytes a second and the package size of the model would be same as Samsung’s previous 512GB unit. Coming with a 10 times speed of a typical microSD card, these future handsets have internal storage capacities almost similar to desktops and laptops.

The Galaxy Note 9 as “one terabyte ready” was promoted by Samsung last year only; but then, the flair can be accessible only if the model is equipped with a 512GB microSD card. Thus, this latest announcement has actually raised a wave among the smartphone users. So, now it’s time for you to bid adieu to the frustration over the limited space on your phone.

The Korean company was already best known for making smartphones; but, with the memory division planning to produce this huge 1TB flash storage, it has got its repute strengthened yet more. Samsung has reportedly stated that they are likely to be done with the production by the first half of this year. This new tech wonder has the potential of transferring a 5 GB high definition video just in five seconds! Also, the faster random read speed will make ways to outstanding HD video shooting. Isn’t it just amazing? Keep tabs on future updates for more hints.