Surge in Government Initiatives to make Vision of the Smart Cities a Reality

    The smart living will soon become a reality as governments have been taking various initiatives.

    smart cities market

    In Dubai, a telecom operator du is set to enter the space with its telecom services. The telecom operator will offer its services at Silicon Park, which is the first integrated smart city project at Dubai Silicon Oasis. du has joined hands with Orange Business Services for offering an entire range of smart city services. Orange Business Services is the business services unit of the Orange Group. As per the statement by du, the main data center is infrastructure is in operating condition and one-third of all services are in different stages. Smart solutions are intended to enhance efficiency and productivity of a community portal, an enterprise architecture office, information and messaging hub, and an energy management system. Once it is entirely operational, there will be smart solutions including charging sockets on the roads, digital play tables, electric vehicle charging hubs, and others.

    Farid Faraidooni, deputy CEO, ICT Solutions, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), stated that Smart City services offer new opportunities for improving the position of UAE as a global hub for commerce, tourism, and a happy place to live in. Moreover, the company is associated with Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates for development of smart ecosystems in the UAE. Silicon Park has become one of the most eagerly-anticipated smart living projects in the Middle East and it will be a milestone for making the vision of Smart Dubai a reality.

    At CES 2019, Intel’s Mobileye outlined that it will work in collaboration with the UK mapping agency Ordnance Survey for providing high-precision location data for enhancing operations between cities and businesses. This would lead to the development of smart cities. Automotive camera-based mapping abilities of Mobileye and geospatial & tech expertise of Ordnance Survey will be combined for the development of customizable and accurate location information services for infrastructure, energy, and other sectors. Moreover, this service will offer support to 5G, intelligent mobility, and various digital services. According to the press release by the company, mapping technology can offer many applications beyond autonomous vehicles. The information related to smart city and location can be utilized for various businesses across many sectors. Moreover, it can be anonymized for privacy with the help of Mobileye platform. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye CEO and President, stated that maps would improve the operations between cities and businesses along with the realization of smart cities and safe roads.

    In another news, AT&T will work in collaboration with the City of Las Vegas for implementation of a smart lighting solution at the Innovation District of the city for improvement of public safety and rolling down usage of energy. The telecom giant will collaborate with the smart city platform Ubicquia for replacement of current photocells with the streetlight routers of Ubicquia, dubbed Ubicell, and enable integration of wireless LTE and LTE-M networks for various platforms. Moreover, the telecom operator would track the usage of energy and outages in “near real-time” for improvement of streetlight maintenance. AT&T announced its Smart Cities Structure Monitoring product at CES 2018 for enhancing the U.S. infrastructure and improving safety. The company has collaborated with cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago for deployment of the internet of things (IoT) infrastructure solutions.

    Ubicquia is one of the various partners AT&T collaborated with for its Smart Cities Alliance program. Its other partners include Deloitte, Cisco, GE, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, and Qualcomm. The offerings of this program would improve the reputation of Las Vegas as a technologically advanced, livable city. Along with enhancing lighting efficiencies, Ubicell product of Ubicquia will form a connection between air quality sensors for offering near real-time information regarding changes in ozone levels, temperature, and others. The partnership with AT&T is also complementary to the efforts of Las Vegas government for becoming “not only a smart city, but the smartest city”. This aim has been shared by the city government joined hands with the Japanese firm Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) for establishing sound sensors and cameras in the Innovation District.

    More government initiatives will be implemented in the next few years and the industry growth will hit the roof. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global smart cities market is expected to reach $2.40 trillion by 2025, growing a CAGR of 21.28% from 2018 to 2025. Technological advancements such as the advent of artificial intelligence for smart city applications will create new opportunities in the industry.

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