Tencent Releases Test Version of “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming”

Tencent Releases Test Version of _Game of Thrones Winter is Coming_
The Test Version of “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming” Is on The Air!

With several royal families craving for the Iron Throne to gain control over Westeros for years and with everyone discussing about the same, you must have made yourself one with the show by now! Now, it’s time for you to get excited yet more.

Especially, with a new season hashing out soon, it’s quite obvious that every addict to the show will give a try to all the new hypes around this new bang. The premium games and the free-to-play versions based on the series are definitely there in your smartphone too. Particularly, when Reigns: Game of Thrones has already stolen your sleep, Tencent’s statement of launching a ‘test’ version of a smartphone game on this US hit television show must nudge you to a great extent.

Acquiring the online streaming rights of the show in China is the cause Tencent was after since 2014. Previously, it signed a deal for the same as well. And, the recent announcement of the test version has definitely been a boom for everyone who had been looking forward to it till date. This proclamation has certainly worked as a boost to the pipeline that’s been hit by several Government restrictions of online gaming.

The test version of Game of Thrones: Winter is coming is expected to shove the entire world with a number of promising aspects on board. Yoozoo is the name that’s real behind the development of the game. It’s actually a browser game and can now be tried in China by the individuals having invite codes. The Emmy award winning fantasy series is the biggest hit ever in HBO and it purportedly has over thirty million viewers only in the United States. Also, Tencent’s video platform has already played the series 960 million times.

This new release has just become a buzzword now, as it will enable the players to be in the control of all the classic characters in the show and bump into all the notable events from previous seasons. The Chinese authorities have started giving a nod for online games quite recently and it’s anticipated that this spree will be on from their end.

Inheriting the realist style of the show, the game will let the players battle in Westeros itself! The players have to overcome King’s landing, seize the Iron theme and come out as the biggest winner. The rigorous scrutiny on online games had curbed the releases of any new online game and in the last few years, Tencent happened to incur a loss of 20 percent of its share in the market. Here, the new test version is believed to help the company recuperate its loss to a significant extent.

Nevertheless, as of now, there is no news for an English release of Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming outside the country. Talks are underway that Tencent might plan for bringing it outside the province. The other publishers might also work on the same. Mainly, with the new season arriving in next two months, more collaborations in mobile games are expected to hit the air.