Top Three Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Top Three Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

With the recent buzz that 2019 might be the best year for Internet and digital marketing, we can definitely say that every year has been comparatively better than the other for the last few years. This post has come up with three recent trends that are likely to reign over the drift. 

Chatbots– Be it a startup or an existing organization, customer service tends to play an active role in heightening the profit margin of the organization. Not everyone has the time talking to a real person over phone or taking through all the queries via email. This is where chatbot comes into play.  These AI-integrated mini programs are not only prompt in replying, but can also fulfill customer requests in a jiffy. According to a recent survey carried out by Grand View Research, by the year 2025, the worldwide chatbot market will hit $1.25 billion, and the annual growth rate of 24.3% proves its flair itself. Also, research says that companies that have chatbots as their communicator tread upon a bigger profit line than that of those that are yet to adopt the technique.

Blockchain– Although the term ‘blockchain digital marketing’ has been around in the market for quite a long time, there are also people who hardly understand it. But, with the rising optimism in the domain, 2019 is expected to be the year when it will be understood as well as utilized. The disruptive tendencies of the technology is anticipated to come to a sharp end this year. Blockchain in Search Engine Marketing will not only wipe away the digital middlemen like Google and Facebook, but would also take the domain to a much-defined standard. Simultaneously, with Blockchain in use, the web users don’t have to go through the rigorous process of finding advertisers, as they would already be verified. While the advertisers would know that they are spending money for genuine clicks, the site owner can also be confident that they are being asked for the right amount.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- With the popularity of AI growing beyond the bar, the bliss of the technology is no more unknown to the mass. From the voice of SIRI to the self-driving vehicles, the contribution of this mini giant is just comparable to none. Also, it has not only made data analysis more effective, but has also paved the way towards perfection and precision. Everything we love about the world is nothing but intelligence. So, by augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence is how we can help our society thrive like never before!

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