WhatsApp Web Will Now Be Available with Picture-in-Picture Feature

picture in picture in whatsapp

A single new feature in WhatsApp and it raises a surge worldwide. After all, it’s WhatsApp- The most popular app among all the age groups! Well, it has been on a spool lately with new add-ons like Dark mode and fingerprint lock. However, there is a news of a new update for its desktop application now. The Picture-in-Picture feature creates a new chapter for the web users. They can now watch a shared video even while chatting with others or using a different app in their computer.

The Facebook-owned company had already made it available for the iOS and Android users alike and now, with making it accessible to the web users, it has increased its adhesion yet more. The new feature is expected to allow the web users to open an image without the help of any third-party page or app. According to WABetaInfo, this new add-on is a part of the recent update number 0.3.2041 which incorporates security scrapes too. A month ago, in an update, the integration of PiP feature was announced to aid the web users in watching shared videos. After that, the giant application has now allowed the users to enjoy the feature on other apps like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This is certainly something the web users can now go gaga over!

Now, for the feature to get installed, one needs to unclog the browser cache and set the web browser in motion once more. The new update that was rolled out for the Android and iOS users in December 2018 and January 2018 respectively has also announced an update for the Apple users that will allow them to respond to a group chat message privately. Also, they can edit videos or photos and put in new stickers along with using 3D Touch to preview stories.

WABetaInfo also ensures that you don’t need to install the update manually. On the contrary, every time a user opens WhatsApp Web, the site acknowledges if there is an update available and then, the user doesn’t even have to wait for a minute to get it installed automatically. One can also get the fact double checked if they are on the version 0.3.2041. WhatsApp Web> Settings> Help is the flow you should trail through. And, as mentioned earlier, in case, you are using an old version of WhatsApp Web, emptying out the cache and restarting the page is all you need to do.

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