Smash Bros Ultimate – The Fastest Selling Nintendo Game

Super Smash Bros

Are you a game addict? Here’s Super Smash Bros, Ultimate to kindle you the best! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has now become one of the fastest selling Nintendo games. Nintendo had been fostering the idea of moving consoles for long and during the holiday season in 2018, it actually banked upon the same. And, yes, Ultimate was a grand hit right then! It not only blew out all the sales records of past, but had also managed to set a record for the highest earning console exclusive just within 30 days. This dossier was enough to usurp the previous record holder Halo: Reach in the process.

With this grand success, Nintendo actually had an amazing quarter filled with exclusive feats and accomplishments. Well, there were plenty of assumptions on how well Nintendo had performed and this post is going to give you some numbers on its movements. The company had already hit quite a few major breakthroughs with its Switch hardware and now, with Ultimate taking the crown up, the repute of the venture has got heightened yet more.

However, after Ultimate met huge success, Nintendo has now come up with a definite sales numbers for the title. Around 12.08 million copies of the game were sold in December 2018, earning it the fastest selling Nintendo home console tag ever. The previous record bearer in the sector was New Super Mario Bros and the total sale crossed almost 10.55 million within a month. Well, it’s not the end. The venture has also endorsed the fact that the Nintendo Switch console has hit the epic sales number of 32.27 million units. And, with this, Switch has now positioned itself so close to the grand sales of Nintendo 64, which vended almost 32.93 million units. Last but not the least; the company has also stated that Switch has hoarded a remarkable 162.61 million in software sales.

Nevertheless, the fact that there were 74 characters available previously and now the count has mounted up to 75 with the new toting of Piranha Plant indicates a pretty balanced roster. For the Elite players who have obtained a high GSP level, the persona gilded with the lowest percentage halts at 43.7% and the one with the highest percentage sits at 56.8%.  According to Masahiro Sakurai, game director of Super Smash Bros, there is no fighter in the game that is too underpowered or overpowered. It’s completely up to the player’s skill that determines the progress.