The Best Ways to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

The Best Ways to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

Have you started up a new business? Or, it’s been years you are into the same? Having a mobile website is kinda must have for more or less every organization. With a proven survey stating that a major amount of traffic comes from smartphones, you might have understood the significance of mobile conversion by now.

Well, there is a common notion that responsive websites tend to generate more conversion rate than that of the non-mobile sites. But, researches have shown that creating responsive sites is really not enough to augment the conversion rate. Instead, the users need to have a frictionless experience. So, now if you are on the lookout for an increased mobile conversion rate for your company, this blog post is going to help you in more than one way.

Don’t you think doing less can earn you more profit?

Do you boil down such perception that “the more descriptive your site is, the more profitable will be your business”? Well, you are absolutely wrong, if you render this fallacy. People who use mobile phones to check websites hardly have the time or patience to go through every nitty-gritty of the page. Generally, they bump into a site for some particular reason and the moment they get it through, they browse through another page. While some of them come online for window shopping, the others might look for specific details to contact the owner, or some might be in search of few particular business. So, whatsoever the reason may be, distracting them with an elongated content would be nothing, but an utter stupidity on your part. Thus, it’s always suggested that you use short as well as crisp contents and hold the patience of the visitors in the manner.

Give your audience an easy experience

Do you really think, the users will still be interested on your website even after they find a pool of unnecessary barriers to go through on the page? They will certainly not! As for instance, undue scrolling and abundant links will not only create additional rasping, but can also distract the visitors to a great extent. So, in order to promote your products and services, make sure all the important details are placed at the top of the page. Also, if you want them to contact you, create an easy call button at the header itself. Don’t make them spool so much; or, they may leave the site.

Why don’t you keep your visitors engaged?

By compelling the users to come and visit your site yet again, you can actually take your marketing endeavor a step forward. The users should always be eager to retort to your call to action. In this way, you can also have their contact details to your conferral and use the same for future marketing campaigns. Also, use as many videos, images, slides and games as you can.

With the recent surveys saying that around 50% of the organizations are yet to introduce these exclusive techniques, you are left with quite a fair chance to apply the same and increase the mobile conversion rate of your company to a great extent.