Tips How You Can Undergo a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

Tips How You Can Undergo a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

Nowadays, we have become quite familiar with the popular Internet speed test services out there. But, are you sure whether they are pretty accurate or not? When there are quite a few portals, there are certain apps too that tend to let you check your download as well as upload bandwidth, providing you with the notion about the quality of the connection you have. However, they are often not perfect indeed. Sometimes, the method is not precise and sometimes, it’s just because you haven’t done things right on your end and that’s the reason you are presented with a set of skewed numbers.

The following tips are going to help you with the best ways to test your bandwidth.

You don’t need to use the Internet while you are testing it– Whether it’s your mobile device or your laptop, turning off all the background chores would probably be the shrewdest act on your part. Also, the fact that you are really after a perfect Internet speed test demands you to restart the modem or router whenever you start the process off. Your modem is a tiny computer itself. So, a mini processor, as it is, the modem of your system does need a little recess to get started with proper navigation yet again.

Empty up the cache of your browser– No matter how many times you opt for a test a day, forgetting to clear up your browser’s cache will definitely not steer you through the right track. Especially, if you are testing several times on a row, the tests after the first time may get affected by the existing files on board and consequently, you may not be provided with the accurate result. Thus, skipping this important step is not recommended at all.

HTML5 Internet speed test is likely to come with better accuracy– An HTML5-based test tends to be loaded with better properties than that of a flash-based test. Bandwidth Place,, SpeedOfMe etc. are quite a few HTML5 based Internet speed tests highly recommended by the experts. A number of surveys are conducted and it’s revealed that flash-based tests are bound to make certain adjustments (almost by 40-50%) to reimburse for the fact that their trials use Flash as the medium!

Still, you should remember that no speed test is perfect. But, then again, you can certainly come close to accuracy with taking recourse to the above tips on board. Also, it’s suggested that you opt for only such sites and applications that are loaded with real good reviews. Deciding on any random tool that catches your sight will just be a sheer waste of time. Apart from,, Speakeasy and so on, there is a new app that has hit the market lately. This highly dedicated app namely MySpeed (TRAI), by The Telecom Authority of India, is worth giving a shot indeed! You can actually give it a try!