Top 5 PC Games of All Time


We cannot just deny that PC is the most diverse gaming platform ever. Especially, when we look back at the past ten years, we get this notion imprinted yet more. This post is going to present top 5 best and most memorable gaming experiences in the last decade.

Counter-Strike– Ever since Counter-Strike has hit the scenario, it has continued its legacy to make the players’ lives more interesting, exciting and fascinating. With the most focused and skilled first-person shooters on board, Counter-Strike makes sure that the players get the best knowledge on self-reliance, team-based dynamics and unrelenting skills. The challenges it throws to the shooters help them become the toughest competitors, thereby molding them in acquiring new set of flairs. Counter-Strike might be a real daunting game to pick up, but folks with high tolerance and dedication can actually learn the intricacies in a jiffy! It would just be one heck of a ride for them.

World of Warcraft– Before we delve deeper into the game, we must say that go for it only if you have ample of free time. And, the reason is pretty simple! You will find yourself exploring the game for thousands of hours forgetting all your important chores. The game’s intense tenacity and disposition to perk up systems both old and new craft a world that billions of gamers just die for. Especially, with focusing on dungeons and PVP, World of Warcraft makes it really fun for the players.

Celeste- The 2D platforming levels of Celeste are as confusing to work out as they are satisfying to complete. The fleet of secrets hidden throughout the levels makes the game riveting yet more and while overcoming the hurdles, the gamers are just bound to learn about the ultimate meaning of patience and dedication. However, the biggest charm of the game lies in how interestingly the platforming gets blended with a titillating story and then, the cherry on the cake is an outstanding soundtrack that makes it an absolute impactful game.

Dead Cells- If you are after flexibility, there is perhaps no better choice than Dead Cells! It offers suppleness in a way very few games would do. The perfectly detailed shifting levels spurs your ability to a different level and makes you win the ridge when you are at ease. The complicated layers of tactics and strategies implied in the primary levels might make you feel a bit chaotic, but the ultimate charm buried underneath has made Dead Cells the best action platform in the gaming world.

Overwatch– Whether you are looking forward a quick-fix adrenaline hit to beat the stress after a long day at work or a properly-calculated multiplayer experience that becomes the main tire of attraction among evening sprees with friends, Overwatch can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Is there one in the list you have still not given a try? If yes, then what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to download it right away and take your gaming skill to a new height of excellence.

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