4 Best iPhone Games to Play in This Week


Are you an avid gamer? Perhaps, there is no better handset than an iPhone! With a number of games on board, the gaming options become limitless indeed! And, this is the reason why finding the best iPhone games is not always a cakewalk. This post is going to give you a brief of four trendy iPhone games that would actually keep you occupied.

Shadow’s Edgeis-

You are certainly wrong if you have such notion that games are only about having a good time. At the same time, games also help us develop a different outlook towards life and discover new things about ourselves. And, this is where Shadow’s Edgeis becomes a hit. While apparently it seems like an amusing little game about self-exploring and discovery, the reality has something different to state. The game has been particularly intended to help children with serious medical conditions. By helping to reinstate and refurbish the city of Shadow’s Edge with graffiti, it happens to take players through the worlds of Distraction, Disenchantment, and Detection to help them find out their true selves.

Words Story-

While some mobile games are awesomely crafted, some are just great in its own way and are quite pertinent to be played while you make your way to the gym. Words Story falls into the second category. The game is pretty simple— the hero is captivated and finds himself in prison, and the only way you can save him is by solving some word puzzles. Well, but the fun lies in its simplicity only. When it’s really interesting to guess the words, watching the main protagonist making his way to the winning point is compulsive indeed. On top of that, it’s completely free and is an amazing way to make the best out of your spare time.

Reckless racing 3-

Trailing through the fine tradition of top-down racing games with some simple, but intriguing gameplay rules, Reckless Racing 3  is quite ideal to try your hands on when you want to kill your boredom with some fascinating choices. Choose from 28 cars on 36 racetracks, and keep on unraveling new stuff as you go forward. You can also opt for paying extra to unlock early. Coming with a plethora of different game modes, Reckless Racing 3 is worth giving a shot.

Hilda Creatures-

Looking for a perfect game download? Hilda Creatures can entertain you the best. Based on the Netflix series by Luke Pearson, Hilda Creatures can be an ideal choice, in case you can never  get enough of Hilda. The game will make you roam around the city of Trolberg and the Wilderness, encounter creatures, click pictures of them, chat with them, nurture your bond with them, and include them in your Friendship Book. And, especially, if you are looking for a fun adventure, Hilda Creatures will amaze you in more than one way.