Find someone special with “Swipe Right”: A Friend

Friend right swipe

Swiping right on friend-finding apps, meeting, and finding the common things have led many women to find friends when they moved from one city to another, or one country to another.

The era of apps has facilitated lives of people. Just a click and whatever we need is on our fingertips. From food to plumber, any service has been available with a click. The abundance of apps and quality of services provided by them have played a significant role in changing the lifestyle. From ordering a lavish dress to selling a bike, people have been choosing an app instead of opting a conventional way. Finding a date has become easier with an app and many social media platforms. However, apps are no longer limited to finding a date or partner for women. Women have been using the apps such as Tinder or for finding a partner. Now, they can find a friend. Friend-finding apps including GirlCrew and Bumble BFF have gained a lot of prominence among women. Those women who have to travel around the world for work or career avail the services of these apps to find a friend.

Women are becoming friends by meeting through these apps and have been sharing complains and comforts of their lives. Swiping right, meeting, and finding the common things have led many women to find friends when they moved from one city to another, or one country to another.

Vedhara, a regional manager for a hair loss consultancy who moved from London to New York, outlined that she had a strong group of female friends in the U.K. and she missed that in New York. She realized that it was impossible to enjoy the city without girlfriends. She became good friends with Cindy Santos, whom she met using the app Bumble BFF. Both of them have used dating apps to meet men. They decided to take a break from romance and form friendship with women to share ups and downs and adjust to the weather of New York city.

As remote employment and freelance work has become a norm nowadays, forming friendships has become challenging more than ever. Loneliness has become widespread. According to the study, 2018 Cigna and Ipsos, nearly half of the Americans outlined that they feel lonely or left out either sometimes or always. The Great Britain appointed a minister for loneliness to overcome the issue of social isolation as one in ten were suffering from it in the country.

Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, stated that friendship offers both mental as well as physical benefits. He added that from not knowing each other to determining common interests is the first major step in making a friend. Apps, online communities, and the internet can accelerate this step and help in overcoming this stage with ease. Apps are becoming increasingly popular among women to find friends with whom they can spend time and share ups and downs of their lives. Friend-findings apps will become mainstream as their presence grows.