#Trashtag Challenge for Bored Teens: Online Challenge Encourages People to Clean Their Planet

Trashtag Challenge Internet

Here’s a new challenge that piqued everyone’s attention as well as gave bored teenagers a chance to do something good in their spare time.

Just when you think the internet challenges are nothing but a waste of time and would certainly ruin the life of teenagers, here’s the recent viral challenge that we never want to stop: #Trashtag challenge. Under the name of “wholesome”, the #Trashtag challenge involves people going out to the streets and around their neighborhood to clean up the littered public spaces and posting the before-after snaps of the surroundings on social media.

After the euphoria of meaningless challenges such as “Momo challenge”, “Tide Pod challenge”, and “Kiki challenge”, here comes the best challenge people have ever seen, that utilizes the burning energy of teenagers and urges them to make their planet cleaner than before.

The challenge started as the Trashtag project in 2015 by UCO, a firm that manufactures outdoor gear. The projected was originated to encourage people to get them out of their houses and seek out the dirtiest and littered areas and clean them. The initial aim was to collect 10,000 pieces of trash by the end of October 2016. However, the project lost its intensity by the end of 2016. On the other hand, with the new year, the challenge has revived in the form of #Trashtag challenge.

A Facebook user, Byron Román, encouraged “bored teenagers” to participate in the novel challenge to pick up the litter and post before and after snaps of it. However, he never expected to witness hundreds and thousands of shares of his post on several platforms of social media and he had no clue that this challenge will go viral. On March 5, Román wrote in his post along with a photo of a littered area being cleaned up by one young man, “Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it.” Moreover, he told TIME that his friend in Guatemala had posted the image with a similar message in Spanish, which he later translated to English and added circulated message as “Here’s new #challenge for all you bored teens”.

The challenge does not only help the environment but also help teens to make a difference on the internet, especially when meaningless scrolling on the internet is wasting important years of their youth. Román believes that a person being bored is the worst thing that can happen and if someone can pick up the challenge and do something good and positive about it, it’s worth it. His original post witnessed more than 300,000 shares on Facebook by the end of Tuesday afternoon and the #Trashtag hashtag has more than 25,000 posts on Instagram. People from every corner of the globe are sharing his post, picking up the challenge, nominating others to do so, and thanking Román for starting this novel challenge