5 Popular Bluetooth Trackers

The Best Bluetooth Trackers

We all lose things such as wallets, keys, backpacks, etc. It’s all because of our busy lifestyle or forgetfulness. And it’s no fun hunting down your missing items, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are trackers that leverage the power of Bluetooth to help you locate your things. They can help you point you straight to your lost or stolen items. In this article, we bring you some of the best Bluetooth trackers available.

1.Tile Mate and Tile Pro

Tile Mate is the world’s bestselling Bluetooth tracker and can easily attach itself to anything that you don’t want to lose. Its latest version, the Tile Pro is louder than the earlier model and helps you get the job done quite well. You can use the official Android or iOS app to trigger the tracker’s alarm or present a map showing the last unknown location of your lost item. Tile Mate also features a replaceable battery that is guaranteed to last at least for a year.

2.Pebblebee Honey

Pebblebee’s Honey item finder is another Bluetooth tracker that can track anything for you – whether it’s keys, phone, wallets, baggage, or your pet. It comes with some great features including a replaceable battery, a crowd-finding network, splash resistance, and a loud ringtone and LED light to reduce search time. The device can track within a 150 feet line of sight and is compatible with iOS 7, 8 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later.


SpotyPal is a unique assistant that helps you find your personal belongings. Attach the device to any items such as keys, bags, wallets, etc. and get immediate notifications on your smartphone via the SpotyPal app whenever you lose or leave them behind. SpotyPal comes with features such as a replaceable battery, two-way finding feature, crowdfunding functionality, flash LED, and water resistance. The tracker is available in three colors such as white, navy blue, and red.

4.Chipolo Plus and Chipolo Classic

Chipolo’s Bluetooth tracker is available in two variations namely, the Chipolo Plus and the Chipolo Classic. Both the trackers come with the same features but have different hardware. The Chipolo Plus comes with an alarm volume of 100 decibels, a non-removable battery, a mail-in upgrade program, is water resistant, and available in many colors. The Chipolo Classic comes in a smaller size and has a replaceable battery.

5. Voilà

Wistiki’s Voilà tracker comes with the rain-resistance feature, up to 3 years of battery life, and a powerful 90-decibel ringtone that can be heard afar. It is attached to a set of keys and is paired with an app on your Android or iOS device.


The Pixie Points helps you easily track and find anything you lose with its augmented reality navigation and innovative signaling technology. The Pixie app shows you the exact location of your lost items as well as guides you with accurate turn-by-turn directions so you can find the things quickly. Bluetooth trackers are great devices to keep track of or find the items you care about the most. They not only simplify your life but also make nice gifts for friends and family.