How to Check Online You’re Not Having Fake Alcohol in Store!

How to Check Online You are not having fake alcohol in store

If you are quite fascinated with the idea of sipping in a glass of imported alcohol at your leisure, you should definitely be aware of the con practices of selling fake products as well. Fake alcohol is not something making space in the chapter lately. It’s been in rampant use across the globe since long. There have been an end number of cases reported against counterfeit alcohol over a long period of time. Well, some people would certainly be thankful to the cheaper versions of those exclusive liquor brands; but, waking up the next day with the worst feeling of nausea and headache is where you actually realize you are just screwed up!!

Well, so if you are on the lookout for some effective measures to check if the liquor you bought is authentic and worth your money, you have come to the right page. This post is going to give you a quick lesson about how to check it just in a jiffy. Now, it’s time to thank the binge of technological advancements and the power of the Internet through which you can easily check if the less price has lured you into buying counterfeit products.

Bottles of liquor bigger than a certain amount come with duty stamps when imported into the country. Especially, bottle of beer, wine, hard liquor around 750ml up to 1 liter have this for sure. And, now if you have barcode checker on your handset, just open the app and check the barcodes. There is always a huge chance for fake bottles to have fake barcodes too. This way you can easily get your purpose solved. mLiquorSaleCheck on android can be used for the same purpose. The main advantage of using this application is one need not to sort through the serial number and can just use barcode scanner of the app to ensue the process.

There are several dedicated government websites as well that can verify the genuineness of the liquor bought within a certain period of time. Enter the serial number on the sticker intact. Remember, it should always be less than 28 digits. Also, don’t put any special characters. Once you are done with it, click on submit. If the product is authentic, the site will confirm you that the liquor is issued from an authorized source. Along with the price, size and brand name, it will give you the exact status.