Gather Around Potterheads: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is All Set to Charm You

This is it! This is the chance to let loose your inner wizard in the world. From conjuring Patronus to using a Portkey, the augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is expected to hit the market this Friday.

harry potter wizards unite
Image Credit: Vox Media, Inc

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Niffler, Dobby, and Dementors are not just a figment of J.K. Rowling’s imagination. People have gladly made these fictional characters a part of their lives. In fact, you can turn on your smartphone’s torch by simply saying Ok Google, Lumos Maxima. However, Potterheads want more and the augmented reality (AR) game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is just what they deserve.

The beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched in Australia and New Zealand over the last couple of months. However, the developers of Pokémon Go has declared its worldwide release on 21st June, starting with the U.S and U.K.; the dates for other regions, including India are not yet announced. The game will be available on Android and iOS. The co-developers WB Games and Niantic announced that they will share more information as and when the game expands into new territory. What’s more, Niantic announced that it will hold events for the game similar to Pokémon Go Fest.

According to an official tweet, the trailer published on 18th June shows a glimpse of how the actual game will be, but people are still clueless about the feel of the play. The trailer shows that players would be transported to the world of Harry Potter, filled with magical creatures such as Niffler and Dementors. The most intriguing factor is that the player may get the chance to assist Harry Potter himself. What more a Potterhead can want! For time being, we can say that the Wizards Unite would be similar to Pokémon Go with more mechanical complexity and won’t be as simple as “catch all the Pokémon”. Moreover, the game will surely lure all the AR enthusiasts out there and would be a major competitor in 2019, which will launch more AR games than ever.

Although the game is solely based on Harry Potter books and movies, J.K. Rowling hasn’t been involved with the upcoming game. Let’s hope that Wizards Unite is able to make the same hype and excitement such as Pokémon GO that gained its popularity based on pure nostalgia. For the Wizards Unite, the developers must look for different marketing strategies to gain a worldwide audience and should not rely on the existing fandom. However, one thing is clear, Niantic knows how to launch location-based AR games compared to all other gaming companies that–on some level–fail to draw attention. Thus, till the game hits your region, work on your potion skills, keep your spell books close, and your magical wand closer. Mischief Managed!

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