Gear up for catching three Legendary Pokémon, they will disappear soon

Kyogre, Groudon, and Raikou are three Legendary Pokémon that will be released for the limited period of time by the game developer.

Pokémon Go three legendary

I recently heard my friend’s father telling me the story about the craze of Pokémon Go. His father and his colleague commute to office on two-wheeler bike. His colleague rides and to his surprise, he is half the time involved in the game. He no longer cares about driving safely or conversing during the commute. He is too involved in catching Pokémon and jeopardizing both lives along with the others on the road. This is only one example of the distance that people are ready to go for the game. There will be more stories and instances regarding the craze. This is only about India. Think about the cases across the world. There have been instances across the world in which people have lost their lives in an attempt to catch Pokémon. The game has been an overnight sensation in many countries including the U.S., New Zealand, and other countries. Nintendo, the firm that owns the franchise, has been updating the game with new Pokémon to catch and ensure the craze continues.

In its recent decision, the firm intends to bring back three Legendary Pokémon for the limited period of time. Out of these three, if you have not caught Kyogre, you must soon do it. Because it will go offline from June 27. However, it will not be an easy task to catch it as it found only in five-star Raids. This outlines that you need to collaborate with other players and fight against the Pokémon to earn the right to capture it. If you have already caught it, you need to check Raids. You may encounter a Shiny Kyogre. Once the Kyogre goes offline, its counterpart Groudon will be made available in Raids by July 10. In addition, you may encounter Shiny Groudon as the Legendary makes its return.

No need to be disappointed if you are not able to catch Kyogre before it makes its departure. There will be another chance to add the Legendary to your collection. Kyogre along with Groudon will be part Field Research Tasks of July. In addition, you will have an opportunity to catch Spinda with the help of a new spot pattern using the Field Research quests. You can also attract envy of others if you are lucky to catch the Shiny version. There is another exciting news for you. Groudon is not the only Legendary Pokémon set to release this week. Niantic will present a Raikou Raid Day on June 29. The catch is, it will a reward for completion of sufficient Global Challenges during the Pokemon Go Fest event held in Chicago. The Legendary Pokémon will reappear during 4–7 pm local time. You may also have a chance to meet a Shiny Raikou during the time. So, just fasten your seatbelts and embark upon the new adventure of catching these Legendary Pokémon soon. Besides, let me tell my friend’s father about this to know if his friend knows about this.