iPadOS equipped with new features, maybe a potential replacement for laptops & PCs

Users will be able to store the files into the new iPadOs by creating folders and organizing them. Furthermore, there is a support for external devices such as USB thumb drives to transfer files into it.

iPad to replace laptops

Innovation and creativity combined with technology is how Apple runs itself. From iPod to smartphone, the company has always been revolutionizing the world with innovative technologies. The aesthetic combination of creativity and new features equipped in various devices has always inspired awe across the world. This year is no exception when it comes to introducing new or updated products equipped with innovative features. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 has been full of innovative products and software. Its new iPadOS is ready to make a surprising difference in lives of users as it is equipped with a key feature it lacked in existing versions. The feature is file management. The options to download files in Safari into iPad or using Files app to create new folders to save files into iPad were not available. However, the availability of iPadOS will solve those problems.

In his presentation on stage, Craig Federighi, the SVP of software engineering at Apple, explained the features related to download manager for Safari. However, there was little said regarding the updated approach of file management. iPad users were able to store their digital files on the iCloud Drive and could access their belongings through all other iOS devices. But now, the Cupertino-based tech giant has made the internal storage of up to 1TB available to users if they keep some cash from their pockets on the table. With this new iPad, users will be able to store the files into the device by creating folders and organizing them. Furthermore, there is a support for external devices such as USB thumb drives to transfer files into iPad.

With this new iPadOS, users can download files from Safari browser into the devices. Prior to this, these files were saved into iCloud Drive by default. Users can explore the files into their devices. Though these are basic functionalities of any device, Apple has decided to equip them into its recent version of iPad to make them more functional, handy, and valuable for users. Along with these features, the new iPad can also zip and unzip files directly. These features of traditional machines will surely be appreciated by iPad fans and users for its convenience.

The question remains, if this accessibility and ease of iPad will make it a replacement for the full-fledged machines such as laptops or PCs. Users from the field of sales and management can see this as a viable option due to enhanced degree of simplicity and convenience. However, those in the field of creating information may not find it viable as they need full-fledged machines for enhanced productivity. When it comes to consuming information, this new machine is a viable option. The introduction of functions such as on-board storage, zipping & unzipping, and others is a step ahead, but there is a long way to go when it comes to replacement of laptops or PCs. It will be interesting to see how users accept this device, and if this new iPadOS will replace laptops and help Apple bring its vision of PC-free culture to reality.