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bidirectional glenn surgery


Bidirectional Glenn is a procedure for children who do not have pumping chambers of the heart. This can be caused by many distinctive diagnoses which all result in a single ventricle. The bidirectional Glenn technique directs the blood flow from the higher body veins directly to the lungs in preference to the heart pumping the blood to the lungs first. The bidirectional Glenn shunt redirects blood flow from the top body veins and is mostly done prior to having a fontan manner. The fontan procedure completes the change in path with the aid of directing the blood flow from the lower body veins to the lungs.

Benefits of bidirectional Glenn surgery in India

The bidirectional Glenn system is the surgical operation used to prepare the heart for a fontan procedure. It decreases volume load at the single ventricle while enhancing oxygen saturation compared to the pre-operative state. Further, by way of being a low-pressure shunt, it does not carry the risk of inflicting lung blood vessel thickening and hardening.

Cost of bidirectional Glenn surgery in India

India has now become a great and preferred hub for bidirectional Glenn surgery in India because of the cost. The price in India is a much cheaper than any of the western nations. It’s estimated that a patient touring from a western country like US or the UK saves round 70 to 80 percent in their money by choosing India over their home country for bidirectional glenn surgery in India. India is considered a home for high-quality health care services that come together with low price services.

Top Hospitals for bidirectional Glenn surgery in India

Top Surgeons for bidirectional Glenn surgery in India

India is the land of some of the best cardiologists of the world who possess exceptional experience and expertise in performing high end and risky cardiac procedures. Bidirectional glenn surgery is one of the most common cardiac procedures performed by the best cardiologists in the country and some of the top hospitals in India specialize in the procedure. There are several the internationally authorized hospitals in India that behavior bidirectional glenn surgical operation. Understanding the crucial nature of the surgical treatment, the cardiac surgery hospitals in India make sure that the surgery is only performed by way of a team of notably experienced and skilled surgeons, a team of surgeons examines the patients and order a few imaging tests to discover the location of the blockage prior to the surgical treatment. A detailed treatment plan is crated and discussed with the patients before the procedures.

Top Hospitals for bidirectional Glenn surgery in India

Over the years top hospitals for bidirectional Glenn surgery in India have become highly popular among international patients looking for cardiac treatments as they are sure to find the best possible treatment at an affordable price. In India, generally hospital provides heart surgery treatment in packages. Bidirectional Glenn surgery is done at these hospitals by highly experienced doctors who work with the latest equipment available. The success rate of Bidirectional Glenn surgery, in most of the Indian hospitals is around 99.5%.

Why international patients choose India

India is indeed a unique travel destination that is growing in popularity among the people throughout the globe. It is not only a visitor hub but the most desired country for in search of remedies at a better and cost effective price. The country has grown over the past few years because of the world-class medical equipment, cardiac hospitals, cardiac surgeons and competitive pricing. People from all around the world travel to India to get cardiac surgery, as the reliability of operations is as good as from the other countries like US, Britain, Mexico, UAE and also the prices go down by as much as one-tenth.

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