World’s Largest Edtech Company Byju’s Acquires Math Platform GeoGebra for $100 Million

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Edtech startup Byju’s prolonged its acquisition verve by acquiring an innovative and interactive mathematics learning platform GeoGebra. This acquisition is expected to favor nearly 115 million students on the Byju’s platform along with integrating GeoGebra’s capabilities to initiate pristine learning formats and creative product offerings to its already prevalent portfolio.

GeoGebra is an enterprising mathematics learning tool or software available for various levels of education, covering topics like geometry, statistics, algebra, graphing, spreadsheets, and calculus combined in one convenient package. The trailblazing curriculum provided by them is easily accessible in numerous languages for students worldwide. GeoGebra’s user base is rapidly expanding, and hence already has a community of more than 100 million users across 195 countries around the world. As per the terms agreed on the acquisition, GeoGebra will operate as an unconstrained unit within Byju’s under the guidance of the prime individual behind the company, Markus Hohenwarter, the creator and founder of the mathematics learning platform GeoGebra.

According to Anita Kishore, the Chief Strategy Officer of Byju’s, the members of the GeoGebra’s team has built an exceedingly instrumental and impactful platform that admiringly correlates with the long-term mission of Byju’s of providing an effective learning for students across the globe. She also added by saying that the immaculate and seamless platform offers a ton of impressive features along with its interactive resources, making it ideally adaptable to meet every child’s pace of grasping and learning. She further envisions that the company has immense potential to optimize and alter the way mathematics is taught and perceived.

“Together with our combined strengths, we will have a wider reach and the best resources to build innovative and exciting next-generation learning formats,” she concluded.

Byju’s is currently on an extensive investment and acquisition spree as they have heftily invested in numerous firms over the past 2 years so as to maximize its presence in the global edtech industry. The company acquired an innovative coding platform Tynker in September, digital reading platform Epic (for $500 million) in July, tutorial chain Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (for nearly $1 billion) in April, and announced an investment of whooping $1 billion in the North American Market over a period of three years in order to diversify its operations in that region.

Byju’s also acquired US-based learning platform Osmo in 2019 and Mumbai-based coding learning platform WhiteHat Jr in 2020 for $120 million and $300 million, respectively.

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