5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon

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From an excellent coffee maker to a super cool instant camera, this post is going to present 5 cool gadgets before you that would surely get you directly making a purchase on Amazon!

Here is the list!

Wacaco MiniPresso– Who doesn’t love hot brewed coffee to kill stress? Perhaps, there is no better means to jazz up one’s mood. And, if I’m not wrong, you are also not an exception in this regard. Wacaco MiniPresso is meant for you only then! Coming with a highly compact design, this coffee maker would make good coffee for you anywhere anytime! Whether you are in office working hard on a complicated project or trekking on the mountains with your buddies, this MiniPresso would certainly be your perfect cohort. The light weight gadget is quite handy too.

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Charger– Well, if you want to take your wireless charging experience to the next level, there cannot be a better choice than Satechi’s charger. The aluminum wireless charger would let you charge your Qi savvy devices wirelessly. All you need to do is simply laying your device against the charging swab. Yes. It’s that simple! Coming with several advanced features, this charger would charge your smartphone1.4 times faster than any other wireless charging wad.

Philips AJ3115 FM Clock Radio– Right!! This is the alarm clock that will actually wake you up! Especially, when it would force you to get out of bed until you turn it off, isn’t it hard to sleep through? This stylish device would even give you a choice of waking up to your favorite station. So, those days are not far when you can start your day your way. Moreover, its excellent battery back-up would definitely give you the best value for your money.

COVR– If you are in the lookout for a new smart speaker, COVR can come to your aid in more than one way. Whether it’s about spending quality time listening to music outside or about creating a perfect indoor ambiance with awesome music solution, COVR is what you should reach out your hand to. This excellent portable wireless speaker would provide you with amazing stereo sound and outstanding bass. With built-in HD microphone for wireless calling, it would also allow you to connect the device to your smartphone and attend a call.

Instax mini 8– Because instant pictures are really fun! Yes, it’s nothing but a live Instagram in your hand! This instant film device would certainly give you back the retro feel to cameras and it’s worth buying indeed!

So, what is the wait for? It’s time for you to put your sleeves up and make your buddies jealous of your new collection of cool gadgets!

Rennie Bradshaw
Rennie played instrumental role in formation of Hitech News Daily team. She handles the editorial tasks and is helped by a team of contributors. Rennie has over 10 years of experience in news industry in general and 5 years of experience in the online news world. Her interests include new technology innovations as well as gaming.

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